February 26 2018

Beginning to talk about how the minds work, is similar to discussing how a car works. An even closer simile would be discussing how a computer works.

It’s a tragedy that in schools, colleges and even universities, there’s no general discussion, teaching or showing of the very centre, the core of every human being. But then, it wasn’t until about 1920 or so, that people could begin to understand the workings. Sure they used it, but didn’t really know what they were using. It was regarded sometimes as a witchcraft, even a work of the devil. Some religions decry its use as a work of the devil – even though ALL religion is hard-core hypnosis. Beliefs, imaginations and concepts can exist only in the human mind – the sub-conscious part.

There is quite simply nowhere else and all these beliefs, memories and concepts etc: will stay there until death dissipates them into the universe – because there is just nowhere else for them to GO !! OH ! and they wont stick together because they are nothing but electricity which is no more than part of the energy of the universe. Which is what you ARE.

So let’s begin. One brain, One lump, but kind of in two joined together parts. One mind but again in two joined-together parts. All in the head and nowhere else. Except that the latest discoveries claim that the mind may be active throughout the body in that the atoms kind of communicate with each other. But we won’t go there (for at least a few more hundreds of years). Be assured – you will still be a part of the universe. The brain is the only physical part. Yes, it can be operated on. Medicine, tablets and drugs (which are all chemicals) do affect it. They are physical things (consisting of atoms). The brain is a physical thing (consisting of atoms). The mind is not. Well it is, but not really. We will have to go into Quantum Physics to discuss that, and we will in a moment. Don’t go away.

OK, we will have to start considering and discussing the molecular structure of electricity and the mind, which means delving into the Quantums and the atomic structure as per Einstein. The delving has been done, and is discussed in another article. But … The mind is not a solid physical item (like the brain). More a flowing electrical thing. Not even a thing really. Unless a river could be regarded as a ‘thing’ (of drops of water?). Flowing around, or sometimes blocked in parts of the physical brain. Specifically, the amygdala and the hippocampus. Google them.

The mind consists of two parts. Very connected, but two parts, two missions. Yes, really. Similar to the left and right parts of your brain. Two parts making one brain. Another two parts (the conscious and the subconscious) making one mind. But you won’t be able to Google it because not too many people have realised it yet. I repeat however that the mind is not a viewable physical item like the brain. but an electrical current as in a computer. Flowing around and through the computer chips. The knowledge is in the current. The music on a cd is not in the plastic disc. The brain is the disc. The mind is the electrical current. Who opened that window? 🙂

When the music is stored on the cd, or your memories are stored in the neo-cortex of the brain, it’s of no actual use. Just like your clothes in the closet. If it’s just sitting there and not flowing, the music can’t be heard, thoughts can’t be read (or remembered). UNTIL YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND ASKS FOR THEM.

Moving on …

The following is mentioned elsewhere, but let’s go through it again. The conscious mind is similar to the computer keyboard and (probably) the usb inputs. The conscious mind is the ‘contact’ the gateway to the subconscious mind. There is just NOT any other way to ‘get’ to your subconscious mind except through your conscious mind. That’s the two minds previously mentioned. The conscious mind also acts as a filter. It does not ‘let through’ to your sub-conscious mind (your other mind), habits, beliefs and concepts on a permanent basis that will conflict with habits, beliefs and concepts already ingrained in that subconscious mind. Which is why to CHANGE a habit or belief, the conscious mind has to be put into a trance – a trance is a kind of sleep. You do it all the time. Go past the bus stop? Get involved in a movie? That’s a trance In yoga and EVERY type of meditation and religion, hypnosis HAS to be used ie: the conscious mind is by-passed and the subconscious mind (the other mind!) is accessed to allow the human to “achieve nirvana with the almighty power, the ultimate spirit, the only God and so on according to whatever particular event is being held that evening in the stadium.

It’s all a variation of hypnosis by a different name. UM.. there are many different types of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist (you?) uses different phrases depending on what you want. With the utmost respect (out of the corner of my eye) it can be said that you get the same result sitting in your lounge-room as you would going all the way to some far-off sub-tropical “spiritual retreat”. The conscious mind is also very much a necessity as a filter because the other mind, the SUB conscious mind accepts everything that fed into it as the truth – whether it’s true or not. So that explanations given to a child, especially by a parent or other grown-ups are accepted as the truth of ANY matter “because Mum told me” People used to believe the world was flat Many people still believe that there’s some kind of super judge flying around the planet – and these same people are actually in charge of nations – or would like to be.

The saying is well known: “Give me a child until it’s seven years old and it belongs to me” and all this is nowhere else but in the mind. There is just nowhere else for it to be.