23 February 2018

What drives all this? What are the priorities?

Human’s Primary drive is self-preservation. ME before all else.

It’s a mandatory part of our evolution.

The Human needs to survive if only to fulfil other requirements.

The secondary drive is race preservation. Mother Nature – who has been known as “God’s Mother” installed this as one of the Human Givens in the most pleasant of ways known as “kissin’ cuddlin’ and connubial felicitation”. Kind of “me first, then the women, then anybody who agrees with me”.

But then what?

The essence of the Human psyche is group togetherness and tribalism. The early caveman could not survive alone and had to live and roam in a tribe for sheer protection against wild animals.

In quieter times, when others were not so close in the cave, that inside voice was asking questions – Why? What? Where? How?

To avoid that alone-ness and to get somebody to answer these questions, the early cave man had to create in his mind(where else?) another person that they could ‘converse’ with, think with and hopefully was much cleverer in fact was just so much superior that maybe he even created everything (in the cave man’s mind).

The fact that this magical ‘person’ never actually existed in fact, NEVER NEEDED TO EXIST indeed ONLY EVER NEEDED TO EXIST as a concept, as a mind buddy, to avoid the human alone-ness) has escaped the mind of the average person. Repeat. Average person.

The God concept was created to satisfy a NEED of the evolving Homo Sapiens. God never needed to actually exist, but the god concept was mandatory. This tribal mind-set (a need for another person) was enhanced and built upon by wiser humans in those early centuries, so that down through the ages some thousands of gods were thought up by the ‘wise men’ the witch doctors, the medicine men, the snake oil salesmen who then re-named themselves as priests and whatever, and told the tribes that they (the priests), were ‘closer to God’

So it was, in the way that the two minds work, that this ‘belief’ grew in the consciousness (or more to the point, the subconsciousness) and became known as religion – all of this fantasy based around nothing more than a human emotion known as fear – fear of being alone and away from the tribe. But do get this right. It’s not that a God exists (or doesn’t exist). It’s concept which is no more than a belief – a fantasy – in the mind – that exists and it’s a very real, deadly fantasy, a deadly belief, that’s caused normal humans to brainlessly murder countless billions of fellow human beings simply because their mum told them what her ancestors told her. Let’s go through that again. Our dreamed up Gods are just that. Dreamed up.

Dreamed up in the subconscious mind and couldn’t possibly exist – because they were THOUGHT UP. But the concept of them very much exists. It has to. The Homo Sapiens psyche evolved in such a way that it became mandatory for them (us) to keep within the tribe for sheer survival.

The concept of something else apart from the ME had to be created Concepts can be created ONLY in the mind (there just isn’t any other place in the body). If a concept (belief) is repeated so many times to the subconscious mind, it becomes a belief. Christians have to (or are told by senile old men – the snakeoil salesmen- that they HAVE to) pray every night and attend church every Sunday. Humans that are brought up in an Islamic family have to (or are told by other senile old men) that they have to pray to their particular concept of a God five times a day. Again, that rule was DREAMED UP by another human’s subconscious mind that had a childhood you wouldn’t wish on anybody. The poor soul. So on throughout the millennia of human civilisation.

All fantasy stuff from the human minds. Concepts. Just dreamed up.

Which is how the TWO MINDS WORK.

For instance, The Scandinavian Gods Thor and others, have blonde hair and blue eyes. The Jewish God (of Jesus), needs to be circumcised The Middle East God, does not attract any comment. Do his creators need him to be circumcised or is that someone else’s dream. The Filipino God (who is the Roman Catholic God, not the Jewish God, has that fabulous golden skin and almond shaped eyes and of course, there were lots of Filipino Gods before the Roman Catholic God. Then there’s all the other thousands of dreamed up gods according to whatever culture NEEDED them and created them and passed them on to the children of the children of the children. Father Christmas and also the Tooth Fairy do not actually exist, but the concept is deeply engraved in the belief patterns of our collection of connections in the universe. The Minds are AWARE.

Now you’re going to have to start thinking, aren’t you? Worry, Worry.

Of course, you could remain as on f the 98 percenters. It’s said only 2% of the human race are AWARE.