20 February 2018

Making a decision is something that can only be done in the mind, and while it’s said it can be done with only the conscious mind, there has to be lots of due diligence and pattern matching and checking in the memory bank by the subconscious for any successes, failures and dangers that may have happened in the past. All of this happens in a split second of course, with constant communication between the two minds, with the conscious mind finally collating all the information that’s ‘sent up’ by the subconscious mind. Then making the decision.

It’s not something that’s as obvious as say, sneezing. It’s more that the results of a made decision are noticed. The actual making is so automatic. Let’s have a fun look at the scenario of decision making ‘Simply follow the written instructions. Most humans have a left hand. If not, then use your right hand.

When I say ‘GO” raise your left hand a little bit (if you decide to) got it? DECIDE to If you decide NOT to, then don’t raise that hand. It will be entirely YOUR decision. Got it? Your decision. But you will have to make that decision Ready? 1…2…3… GO. You just raised your hand (or didn’t depending on what decision you made). You made that decision and you made it with your mind.

We’re talking about making a decision, and what you used to make that decision- your mind. This repetition may seem a trifle tedious, but it’s to keep your mind on track The results of your hand-raising decision may or may not have made much difference to your lifestyle, and so many more ‘little’ decisions’ during the day are often not much more than just wandering through the playing cards of your everyday life. Just routine decisions. hardly noticeable. But some decisions could – and have made a change in millions of lives. Let’s have a look at the results of a decision of a human mind – the same method of decision that you used to raise (or not raise) your hand.

Many years ago, there was this ordinary looking little man sitting in a room in Europe, probably in Germany and during the nineteen forties. This guy sat in a chair much like you are probably doing right now. He’d done what we now know as due diligence, and got to the same stage that you were at about whether you will or won’t raise your hand. Will I or won’t I?” After the due diligence, making the actual decision took no more time or effort than your hand raising decision. Then Adolph Hitler spoke to his generals in that room and told them. “Yes, Germany will invade Russia”. Your decision got you to raise (or not raise) your hand. Exactly the same type of decision by Adolph caused the slaughter of millions of humans. That’s the power of the human mind: and you have exactly the same power in your mind. What you do with it, is your … UM … decision.

I repeat again, that this hand-raising caper, is your subconscious mind accessing its own memory bank to instruct your body’s switchboard (brain) to activate the relevant nerves and tendons to raise your left hand.- to start World War three 🙂 Let’s try it once more… Ask your conscious mind to tell your SUB mind to get your brain to move your head to look to the left (or right). But this time, be AWARE of what’s going on here and you can almost watch your mind/brain working on this. The point of this last exercise is for you to truly realise that you can control just about every movement of your body. No drama. You do it all the time. Mostly without you even knowing that you’re doing it. But this time, you’ll be AWARE that you’re doing it. As mentioned before, if you’re AWARE of your actions, you’re in your conscious mind. To follow that train of thought along again, as soon as you start ‘thinking’ then you’ve moved into your conscious mind. If anyone asks you a question, you HAVE to move into your subconscious mind. Firstly to ‘pattern match’ each word of the question (like, you have to ask YOUR SELF, what’s he asking?) then your sub mind has to gather the knowledge FROM YOUR MEMORY BANK. Once again you just do not have anywhere else to keep the actual memory or do the pattern matching for that question except in your memory bank that’s in your subconscious mind. Let’s for a moment, relate pattern matching to decision making. You will remember I suggested you raise your left hand. Why didn’t you raise your right hand or your foot or eyebrow or indeed anything (or nothing at all!). My suggestion ‘went’ to your conscious mind which sent it to your subconscious mind which used its ‘pattern matching’ (app?) to decipher each word-sound. It then told your brain (which is NOT your mind!) to pull the correct tendons and muscles which would raise your left hand not your right hand (or eyebrows!). This pattern matching goes on 24/7 throughout your entire body, even while you’re asleep No wonder you’re so tired. Just kidding!!