February 25 2018

Let’s have the basic understanding that we’ve all read many books, we all have our different opinions about the knowledge in these books, we all have our different diplomas and certificates and hopefully, we all have our different opinions about the same subject.

You may have solved the same problem in a different way than others, and it worked for you.

Great, so, we can agree to disagree.

It’s widely stated in many books that the human body consists of some 50 Trillion cells and maybe more after you’ve finished breakfast. The atoms that your breakfast food consisted of are absorbed by your body’s system and they become YOUR atoms. The energy in those atoms becomes YOUR energy and is used by your system for your own survival.

The eye-opener is that each of those 50 Trillion cells consist of countless molecules and those molecules are made up of even more atoms and then each atom consists of neutrons and protons and both of these are made up of three quarks, and that’s getting very very small. Now the protons have two up and one down quarks, whilst the neutrons have two down and one up quark.

Then there’s the ‘glue’ that holds it all together called Gluon. I kid you not. Google it.

Scientists’ sense of humour may need to be questioned. There’s more to this than meets the eye or even the electron microscope, but that will do for now. But wait a minute. What’s worse is that under an electronic microscope, each of the atoms carries on a ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ kind of existence. Because it’s been discovered that in our current dimension, atoms are based on matter, whereas in another let’s call it dimension, atoms are based on energy.

But matter does matter, because we can get hold of it. Indeed, we ARE it. But because we consist of atoms, and those atoms are based on both matter AND energy, so must we be. Worry worry. You might wonder what on Earth this basic Quantum stuff’s got to do with our daily problems, but it’s the core of human civilisation – indeed, the core of creation itself.