About the book “Human Givens”

In the pursuit of general knowledge anyway, and knowledge of the Human Mind specifically, this book is a watershed of information. It answers many questions that haven’t even been asked yet. This 400 page book is full of such knowledge of the Human Condition that it should be sprayed on the crops, put in the town water and made a compulsory inclusion in all considerations dealing with psychology, psychiatry, hypnotherapy and all subjects that include psychotherapy of any kind. It deals with and describes the method used to relieve PTSD, phobias, and traumas IN ONE HOUR!

Also, how to relieve depression quickly and easily – without inflicting the unnecessary “anti – depression” drugs. If you’re a private person seeking the professional assistance of any level of psychotherapy, and you feel you’ve needed to attend too many sessions without any glimmer of relief, a gift of this book to your psychotherapist, might be just what’s needed. A minimum of psycho-babble is used.

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I do not make any profit from this book. You get the distributer’s cost and free shipping. I’m not an affiliate and there are no costs involving me at all. For me, this is a no-profit offer to you. The book is that good.