14 February 2020

Two words here. Let’s start with the nap word first. You’ve done your morning’s work, whatever work means to you. Then it’s time for lunch. and just after lunch, it’s nice to continue the break and have a bit of a snooze. In Mexico, it’s known as a siesta. Tip the sombrero down over the eyes and have a bit of a snooze. In Western cultures and the big cities, it doesn’t quite work like that. It’s rush down to the sandwich bar, grab the food, rush back to the office, then sit around for a few minutes before it’s back to work.

Any thought of a quick snooze is tempting, but there’s the concern that you may fall asleep and even be too groggy to work properly after waking up from that sleep. Here’s the answer: I’ve been using this for decades, and so have millions of others worldwide. It’s known as Power Nap. It’s definitely a system and you must follow simple but mandatory steps, or you may fall into normal sleep, and not wake up until your body has had enough ‘normal’ sleep. So stop messing around, and figure sensibly just how much time you’ve got. This is not a casual snooze or a ‘normal’ sleep. It’s a Power Nap. Different thing altogether. Let’s say you’ve got twenty minutes. You can have a 15 minute nap and 5 minutes to get back to your desk, (Unless you’re going to Nap at your desk. But it’s up to you to do the maths.

So you’re sitting in your chair or couch at home or in the office. You can even lie on your bed at home. The following part is mandatory: You have 20 mins break and 15 mins to Nap, and then you have to wake up. When you’ve done this a few times and got it right, It gets to be a habit. Maybe you’ve got 20 or even 30 minutes break and 20 mins Nap, it doesn’t matter. But you must know how many minutes of Napping time before you need to wake up. Obviously, you need a timepiece. But not an alarm of any kind. Nor does the watch need to be the ‘right time’.

A watch, a clock, a mobile/cell phone, anything so that you know the time NOW, (when the Nap starts). You MUST know the exact time (only according to whatever the watch reads) to the exact minute. You look at the watch. It reads say 16 minutes TO one, and you’ve got 15 minutes to Nap, so you need to wake up at one minute TO one. And you WILL. That’s how exact this system is. Follow the system. This is hard-core self-hypnosis. You really have to get it into your mind/s. that it’s NOW 16 minutes to one and that you HAVE to wake up at one minute to one (or whatever You’ve decided the sleep and waking times are of course).

You do NOT need to set the watch or any alarm at all …

You must really get the two times into your ‘head’ or your ‘mind’ . The time that it is NOW (that the Nap will start and the time that you must wake up. NO MERCY 🙂 or it won’t work.:-) All this is unusual to your mental routine or your daily thinking. Would be best to try it out at home until you get used to the feeling of that this is true and does work. The weirdest thing I found the first few times is that it does work when it has no reason to. I actually did wake RIGHT up at the exact time I had set my mind to. I checked it all again and yes I had woken up at the exact time that I set my (subconscious) mind to. I found it quite hard to believe, but I used the system for the next 40 years and NOT ONCE did it fail me. You will wake up and snap right back to life. No yawning or sleepy stuff. There is an exact scientific reason for this It’s in the Quantums, and is explained in the next paragraph: The Human body consists of about 50 Trillion cells. Each cell consists of so many molecules and they in turn are made up of so many atoms. These atoms also consist of even smaller particles, protons, Quarks etc: but what we’re interested in is that each atom is of matter but also (in another dimension) of energy and that energy is the very essence of the universe/s. Which means that every atom is OF the universe, and so are we. The religions are somewhat correct at burial when they mumble “Dust to dust Ashes to ashes”.

What’s that got to do with Power Napping? Everything. We are OF the universe and we are operating on universal intergalactic time. So, when we tell our subconscious mind to wake us up at that EXACT time, that’s what happens. Don’t believe it? Neither did I. Just wait until you’ve done this a few times. It’s scary. But truly, I’ve used it for decades under many different situations. It NEVER fails. Unless you forget to get those two EXACT times into your mind/s. You can’t believe how safe you are. This whole business of self-hypnosis and Power Napping does take a couple or more times to realise that it’s actually true and can be trusted more than you can. All humans do it all the time. But we are doing it and are being AWARE of it. Next time you do your shoelaces up STOP for a moment and THINK about how to do your shoelaces up. You may have to remember it all again. It’s become a habit. When I’ve tested things like that for my own academic interest, I often give up THINKING about it, and revert to the ingrained habit. Do really understand that there’s self-hypnosis and there’s Power Napping.

Self -hypnosis is a more relaxed scene with no time limits about when you need to wake up. Power Napping is where there’s a more formal time limit. You will wake up exactly when you have decided to and TOLD yourself when to!! If someone (your lovely children or the dog) wakes you up whilst you’re Napping, no worries. you’ll just wake up as normal. or if nobody wakes you and … If you haven’t done the “look at the clock” bit, you’ll just carry on in the trance, then drift into normal sleep and wake up when your body system has had enough rest. You’ve done that lots of times before. Just like normal. Serves you right for not following the system 🙂 You didn’t tell yourself when to wake up!

But you’ll have had a good relaxing rest.