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    Human Givens : The New Approach to Emotional Health and Clear Thinking

    Mandatory life-supporting necessities are, shall we say, given to we humans by Mother Nature … Human Givens. Then comes the birth and exposure to life’s add-ons: the beliefs, the attitudes, the memories. This book shows where all this comes from, how life affects the Human Givens and how these traumas, these phobias, the depressions and the PTSD, can be identified and removed – quickly and easily.

    If the reader finds the procedures to be too difficult to understand, this book could be lent to the patient’s psychotherapist who will find with wonder, that while they were indeed barking up the right tree, more positive results could well be obtained on a different branch. If you’re feeling – thinking – there’s something wrong, this book is full of previously unspoken wisdoms.

    self confidence training course
    Self Confidence Trainer
    (Double CD). The Self Confidence Trainer leads you step-by-step towards greater confidence & self esteem.
    relaxation course
    Relaxation Power Naps
    (CD or tape). Four 15min deep relaxation sessions for that midday “power nap”

    Frederick’s Notes: I specifically chose Mark’s outstanding collection of products below because of the quality of each and every one and the manner in which they are presented.
    Humans do sometimes suffer common ailments and most of them are listed below. My friend Mark has a vast experience and talent at addressing these by way of the titles and their content.