Before we start focussing on the minds, let’s have a quick look a t the body. Shock Horror. The biggest organ we have is the skin, and if you think about it, absolutely nothing about you is outside your skin. Everything, everything about you is totally inside your skin. But they’re all physical body parts. Except for the mind. More about the body and the skin later…

But what about your mind and woops, what about your soul – if you believe in such a thing The mind certainly exists – HAS to exist as matter and energy, but it can’t be got hold of in the same sense as other body parts. It can maybe be collected and/or stored as electrical energy, but not actually held as a physical thing Indeed it’s suggested that an actual thought is a collection of electrons that FLOW, and this flow is the current or the ENERGY of the electricity. Do consider that electricity is the flow of electrons that, AS A FLOW, are known as electricity. If the electrons don’t flow they’re not electricity, they’re just a bunch of electrons. It’s the FLOW of the electrons that causes them to become the electricity that flows into your hand and gives you the shock.

If your thoughts and therefore the electrons they consist of, are also of energy in the other dimension – remembering that electrons are of atoms and are therefore of matter AND energy -they can connect, indeed DO connect directly and without hindrance to all of creation (which they are OF). Stated another way: Electrons and thoughts are the same thing. So, if electrons are OF the universe (creation), then humans’ thoughts are OF the universe as well. Which involves the subconscious mind.

It could be that THAT’S where most (ALL?) of the ahha moments originate. It could be said that humans rarely invent things, but discover things. Because their minds are of electrons, and the energy part of the electron is OF the universe. QED.

For instance, consider that E=mc2. But it always equalled that at the beginning of time. It took THAT human the couple of million years or more until we (HE?) evolved his thinking IQ and the neo-cortex and subconscious mind etc: enough to discover the truth (that was always there) from the universe that we became a part of. I suggest that it will not take another couple of million years until humans will not be needing bodies at all. We will be our minds only. Which is all we are anyway.

Our ultimate evolution is to become KNOWINGLY of the universe.

Our bodies are of little consequence, serving merely to carry our minds (of which we are) around the physical plane. Until death.

The human body doesn’t achieve anything else. It has no other purpose or justification for its existence except to eat, sleep and reproduce. In fact, it doesn’t even seek to explore the universe. Indeed, builds space vehicles only for the mind to go exploring. It’s the mind that is seeking, not the body.

The mind doesn’t need spaceship. Only the body needs space ships (to carry the H20 and food). For the foresee-able future, the body will be carrying the mind around and space ships will be needed. Spaceships will be useful only to move MATTER from one place in the universe to another. If you put your wretched smartphone down or a moment and THINK about it, spaceships are old-fashioned and a waste of time and money eg: how many months will it take for your current smart-phone to become outdated.

Obviously, Homo Sapiens is not going to be bound to little Planet Earth much longer, so why not educate the entire race into being aware of itself and one of its Human Givens (the inter-galactic power of its mind). So that in several thousand years or more it may be ready to use the universes in a reasonably sensible manner – oh, and don’t forget AI – Artificial Intelligence – and THAT is going to be the greatest threat to Humanity and why?

Because Homo Sapiens is being held back by emotions which for one, require justification ie: too many ‘what ifs?’ before any ACTION is taken. To put that another way, The human part of the mind is so restricted by its concerns about itself (semblances of the fight or flight syndrome), that it’s not allowing itself to move forward as an intellect, whereas the AI (Artificial Intelligent) Robots aren’t involved with emotions. They just DO things.

But minds are not only of matter. Because they consist of atoms (through their atomic structure) also of energy. If the human mind/s considers the energy part of the electron atom – in other words, considers its own atomic construction, and through evolution, becomes more the ENERGY part of its atom than the matter part, then the human mind would exist as energy only – or maybe even have the choice. WOW!

Then the human mind (consisting only o energy) could move through the ether of the universe at will, and if only because of the proven aggression of humanity, could eventually rule the universe – maybe even creation itself.

Because creation itself – in the other dimension – exists as nothing more than energy.

A thought being that Creation doesn’t think. It’s not AWARE. It merely exists.

But humanity not only exists. It thinks. It’s AWARE that it thinks.

It gets worse. Much much worse. It’s AWARE that it’s AWARE.

Creation doesn’t stand a chance.

Wherefore art thou God.

But wait….In the 21st century, there are more than 7 billion minds (with their bodies to carry them around). In the not so far distant future when the human race further evolves and divests itself of its body. Which means the MATTER part of its atomic existence, it will by normal birth expansion, consist of many more billions of mind-energies, none of whom would have any need to be tied to their original Planet Earth.

They will exist as energy – energy being the very essence of all the universes. However, unlike the universes, they will be Human and therefore totally AWARE that they exist. It’s already been pointed out in other books that there more connections in the brain than in the entire universe.

So there would be billions of energy-minds, each individually with more connections than stars in the universe. Do the maths. How many connections does that add up to?

That means every mind each with more connections than the universe, would be in direct mental connection with every one of the billions of humans in existence, and that the entire Human Race would be scattered across not just the local Universe, but across every Universe in existence – with every one of those Human Minds totally AWARE of everything.

Does it get even a little bit scary to wonder What would happen if those billions of Human-energy minds actually decided to morph into one mind? That leads to more maths. Ready? more MATHS;

Each mind has more connections than the universe. There are let’s say, ten billion humans …. in the year 2520. Each of those ten billion minds has more connections than just one universe. So collectively, that’s ten billion universes in those ten billion minds. If the ten billion mind-energies join as one, there are more connections in that one collective mind as in ten billion universes. That mind would be one clever dude.