13 February 2018

All beliefs can be only in the subconscious mind of Human beings. There is no other place in the human body for beliefs to be. No human beings can have any beliefs or attitudes or knowledge about anything at all until after they are born and have been around long enough to have experienced life events and seen and heard about enough other events, to have gained some attitudes about life. So, beliefs are not HUMAN GIVENS (given by Mother Nature before birth). They are add-ons. It could be said that Humans consist of two basics. They are Human Givens (before birth) and add-ons (after birth).

Beliefs are installed in the subconscious mind after birth mostly by parents and other grown-ups including the general public culture of whatever tribe or country the child grows up in. These beliefs could be regarded as add-ons. Many beliefs are so deeply engrained in the sub conscious mind that they deny every consideration of facts or truth. Which is why amongst these articles is mentioned that an hypnotherapist needs to take the patient into a deeper trance – to get right down in the mind to where any trauma or phobia or other problem is. Humans of every race have been known to slaughter any and every other human that doesn’t agree with their particular belief. Proof? For thousands of years billions of humans have been slaughtered because one or maybe a few more had this or that belief installed in their mind by another human being or maybe sometimes by merely reading a book. Right now you, dear reader, have an attitude about me – even though you don’t know me – simply because I’m writing things that are in agreeance or disagreeance with beliefs that were installed in your mind by another human being. During the French Revolution, tens of thousands of French citizens were beheaded (via the guillotine) by their own people because they had this belief or that. The Muslim Koran writes that all believers must behead all non-believers because of a different belief, whilst the Roman Catholic Church in its early days and during its Inquisition, burned thousands of people alive simply because of a different belief. It’s also correct to point the finger at the Nazis, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the American Nuclear bomb dropper. So that murdering people because their beliefs are different, is not restricted to any section of the Human Race.

Most, if not all, of we Humans are out and out cold blooded murderers where self-preservation (even of the ego), is concerned. You believe that tomato sauce is better that barbeque sauce? How many firearms do you hold, to prove that your beliefs are correct? Most beliefs can be changed depending partly on how deeply entrenched they are in your subconscious mind in your very early existence and by the experience of the hypnotherapist. Only the use of hypnosis can change a belief. The Roman Catholic Church is well aware of, and uses hypnosis-especially when someone holds a belief in another faith, and has to have that belief changed so they can marry a person who follows that Catholic Faith.