Casual chat, casual communication. Everyday stuff.

“Weather not bad. Bit warm. but no rain. Just great.” This is normal conversation amongst the 7+ billion humans on the planet. Easy as. But just a minute. What’s really going on. What’s actually happening?

The above message is simple chat. Some messages involve deadly cries for assistance. All verbal messages are conveyed the same way from one human to another. This article is not about the content of the message, but the conveyance system. Let’s focus. We have a message, a thought in the subconscious mind of the sender, and it needs to be sent somehow ‘across’ to the mind of the receiver.

It’s been discussed in other articles, that a human thought consists of electricity and all electricity is made of MOVING electrons. But these electrons are individually made of atoms and then you have to go into the Quantums to know that these atoms are part matter and part energy. If the message is going to be conveyed via ESP (straight from one mind to another), the message would have to involve the energy part of the electron atom being sent through the universe that’s in between the sender and receiver which may be only a couple of feet. Also to keep in mind is that the universe between the two people consists of the universe.