About Frederick

Frederick first became interested in the human mind at about 18 years of age when he was becoming old enough to observe human society.

He wondered why most of the high leaders of human civilisation were saying one thing, and doing another. He saw that this included the Presidents, the Prime Ministers, the Popes, and most other world leaders. Pretty well everybody.

But when fifty or so years had passed, along with accepting so many challenges and reading so many books, it became clear that life and people didn’t need to be seen in that light.

Awareness, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion, began to shine their gentle, meaningful light.

One life’s work had come to an end, and as there was no obvious dimming of the fury of life force itself, it was perhaps the original mission that became too obvious to be ignored. Was the first life just window shopping, just limbering up for the real mission?

The first life took up some 64 years of the journey, and it included music, firstly the big bass drum in the school band, then a saxophone then a bassoon and a clarinet. Later a ukulele turned up, then a guitar then a bass guitar and singing.

Of course, there were all the day jobs and all the books and the many courses, but after the years and decades had passed, life’s experiences turned in the direction of today….

A Bodhisattva is a Buddhist name for a being working for the enlightenment of all beings, not just themselves. Helping people in need of solutions – and currently there are seven billion people all thinking that they need enlightenment leading to solutions…wow

When Frederick uses NLP on people who have a challenge with stage fright, they usually agree with him that they have no problem relating to one person….but relating to a group of people, well….
He would point out to them that a group of people make up one audience and one audience is as easy to connect with as any one person. It’s the same with Frederick’s mission.

There’s seven billion people but only one human race, one audience, and they all work the same way. From there, it’s a matter of working down the list. Easy as.

The lack of awareness in Human Civilisation that’s currently rampant on the Planet Earth, will need quite a bit of work, so let’s start at the beginning and create some ripples…

Frederick spoke with a friend, a Clinical Psychologist, who explained his interpretation of what the human mind was all about.

“It’s pretty much like looking into a bowl of spaghetti. Not good at all.”

But then not so scary either, once the observer is shown the controls.

“Treat mugs like mugs and fools with ignore”

My Certificates and Diplomas:
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner
Third level Reiki
and 48 others ….