16 February 2018

The very word hypnosis is of two parts. The hypno part is a Greek word meaning sleep. In this context though, the sleep is more of a trance state rather than a normal sleep, and the trance applies only to the conscious part of the two minds. This trance state is exactly the same mind-set that is used in all versions of Yoga and other fine and successful meditations.

The point of by-passing the conscious mind by lulling it into a trance by one of the many known methods, is so hat the filter or gateway aspect of the conscious mind, is taken out of the equation. so that any professional hypnotherapist (or you as your own hypnotist), can gain direct contact with your subconscious mind and alter the beliefs or habits or do whatever else you had planned. Power napping is one use for which you’ll need direct contact with your subconscious mind. But Power Napping is self-hypnosis, and requires quite some practice. Which means: do it quite often.

So how to actually DO it?

Firstly. Accept, no not just ‘believe’ but ACCEPT that there are really two parts to your mind. In exactly the same way as there are two lungs inside your ribs. You’ll never see them, but you just accept that you do have two of them. Maybe visualise a huge iceberg. the visual part above the water is the conscious part. The largest part of the iceberg is under the water. That’s the subconscious mind. It seems to THINK to you rather than talk to you, like the other mind does. It will show your ideas and concepts, and oh! those aha thoughts about how to solve that problem you said you’d ‘sleep on’ You said that “you’d give it some thought” and similar sayings.

But do really ‘get it’. Your subconscious mind is so stunningly clever. But consider that it’s more than that. I suggest in the other articles, that the subconscious mind is in connection with the universe. and somehow gets these ideas and ‘other stuff’ and presents them to the conscious mind as an aha moment. As I’ve mentioned, E=mc2 came to the conscious mind of Einstein after how many hours of mental battling with this high maths. But the battling ‘thinking’ was done by the subconscious mind. I also mention that he didn’t ‘discover’ that equation but E ALWAYS equalled mc2. It had to or creation could not have been “created” Einstein simply (well, not ‘simply!! discovered that E did indeed equal mc2. Einstein had nothing to do with it!

But this has NOTHING to do with any “Gods” or “angels in the sky” or religion at all. So, back to “how to actually “DO it”!! 1. Preferably do NOT lie right down. Your body may ‘think’ that you’re going to bed and may relax right down and fall completely asleep. No. You want to go into a trance like the trance that you ‘go into’ when you’re sitting in a bus or train and go past the stop! THAT’S a trance! An experienced clinical hypnotherapist may ‘put you into’ that level of trance and then deepen that trance if there’s a deeper problem/phobia/trauma in your subconscious mind that needs attention. Some phobias and Traumas get more deeply embedded in the subconscious mind and need for you to be put more deeply into a trance to have that phobia/trance ‘lifted out’. Sit in a comfortable chair. Just make yourself comfortable. No problem. Pick a spot, a mark, something on the ceiling. Keep looking at it. After a while, a few minutes, you may feel some part of your body just relaxing or loosening off, that’s fine. Just keep letting it go. The next thing is that your mind will just waken you up and you’ll feel so rested.