10 FEBRUARY 2018

It’s interesting that Homo Sapiens has achieved so much, considering the limited means of letting other beings of the same race (the human race) know what you’re thinking or planning or have in mind-which are all versions of thinking. Let’s consider how a human being let’s another human being know what his/her thoughts are – about anything/everything on a 24/7 basis. Let’s forget the usual answer for a moment and look at the challenges. You’ve got this thought in your mind (where else) it could be about just anything. The content of the message etc: is irrelevant. You need to move/copy the thought from your mind into the mind of another human mind. Not just move it, but do it so that the receiver understands it, and also that the receiver remembers the message. That would be regarded as a successful communication. Never mind the means for the moment. If you’re going to use the same old same old antiquated stand-by method of actually talking to them, then straight away, there’s a challenge.

Which particular language will you use?

There was no problem back in the days – the era- when humans first started talking It’s said it first started with the Negroes in the African continent, and there was only one language. But that was a while ago and it’s grown to six thousand languages and the various accents of each of those languages. OK, Let’s accept that talking is one method of communication. Right. What else do we have. There’s sign language that deaf and dumb people use. Not bad, but not really acceptable. There’s body language. Not nearly expressive enough and deals mostly with the emotions. Another method of communication is writing. But apart from the same ‘which language’ challenge it simply takes too long for instant exchange. It just doesn’t have the range of tonal expressions that many Asian languages demand. OK, so plain talking has too many challenges, so all we’ve really got is ESP. Those letters stand for Extra Sensory Perception. A variation of mind reading. Which is kind of one mind connecting with another, without anything in between such as smart phones or radio waves. No ghosts, no spirits or any of “that kind of stuff”. But there has to be SOMETHING between the two minds … but WHAT? OK, so let’s focus on the definition: We’re looking for two minds (at least) that are connecting with each other with exactly the same connectivity the same instant continuous rapport as normal verbal “chatting” It start when the two minds decide to, and stops when the two minds decide to. Exactly as in normal old-fashioned talking.

Oh, but how is this going to be done. It looks a lot more involved than a cricket match or bingo or even keeping up with the meat raffle down at the club. OK Let’s wander into the Quantums for a bit…Have a read of my article No. 4 “Matters of the Mind” You’re currently reading No. 17. What we’ve got to do is send, copy or move a ‘thought’ from the mind of one human to the mind of another human Here’s how it’s done …..no talking and no peeking 🙂 It was mentioned in article 4. “Matters of the mind”, that a thought consists of electrons…but MOVING electrons. OK An electron consists of atoms and therefore of BOTH matter AND energy. And energy is the essence of the universe. The electrons that the mind consists of have never morphed into cells and then maybe into a solid item as per a brain or some such. They’ve stayed as the mind which I have suggested, is NOT a solid. You are reminded that other atoms (apart from the mind) have morphed into cells and your body consists of 50 Trillion cells. So what you’ve got to do is get the energy part of the electrons of your mind and morph it through the part of the universe that’s between you and the human you’re sending the thought to….to the energy part of the electrons that is his mind flow. Th electrons are a thought. that thought IS energy. You need to send the energy of YOUR thought across to the energy that is HIS thought.

Go deeper… You’re not sending thoughts. You’re sending what the thoughts are made of. The mind is electricity. The electricity is FLOWING electrons and those flowing electrons are made of MATTER and ENERGY (you are in the Quantums now !!) Your mind is not solid like your brain or body. It’s only FLOWING electricity kind of like water. A river is made of water. But that water FLOWS and is not a solid item like your brain or foot. and the message is IN and OF the electrons that WHEN FLOWING is the mind (or the river!)