1. About These Articles

February 27 2018

These articles are about what different parts of the minds there are, how they interact with each other, how they interact with the brain, what effect the parts have on their surroundings – their surroundings being mainly the human of which they are a part but also the universe of which they (and the human!) are provably a part. This last interaction being highly relevant when mentioned in the article about Power Napping.

While these articles discuss how the minds work, they also show what the “working mind” actually does. Some articles show how the minds can be accessed, how the information eg: beliefs, attitudes etc: can be removed or altered. Indeed, how did the info get in there in the first place!?

Other articles show how this knowledge can be used for human benefit. Some true stories have been included to indicate just that. Some of the statements/concepts are original, some are enhanced (updated) knowledge from other people’s writings.

Of course, some of the knowledge may be shown in the future to be misguided by current knowledge, and will be altered in the face of new discoveries.

It’s necessary for humans to write their history and knowledge down so that future generations can have something to work from – a basis from which to compare and enhance their own new discoveries. If this website does nothing more than re-affirm the reader’s beliefs and knowledge, maybe even arouse new aha moments, new concepts, and lead to higher knowledge, it will have been worth the creation.


February 26 2018

Beginning to talk about how the minds work, is similar to discussing how a car works. An even closer simile would be discussing how a computer works.

It’s a tragedy that in schools, colleges and even universities, there’s no general discussion, teaching or showing of the very centre, the core of every human being. But then, it wasn’t until about 1920 or so, that people could begin to understand the workings. Sure they used it, but didn’t really know what they were using. It was regarded sometimes as a witchcraft, even a work of the devil. Some religions decry its use as a work of the devil – even though ALL religion is hard-core hypnosis. Beliefs, imaginations and concepts can exist only in the human mind – the sub-conscious part.

There is quite simply nowhere else and all these beliefs, memories and concepts etc: will stay there until death dissipates them into the universe – because there is just nowhere else for them to GO !! OH ! and they wont stick together because they are nothing but electricity which is no more than part of the energy of the universe. Which is what you ARE.

So let’s begin. One brain, One lump, but kind of in two joined together parts. One mind but again in two joined-together parts. All in the head and nowhere else. Except that the latest discoveries claim that the mind may be active throughout the body in that the atoms kind of communicate with each other. But we won’t go there (for at least a few more hundreds of years). Be assured – you will still be a part of the universe. The brain is the only physical part. Yes, it can be operated on. Medicine, tablets and drugs (which are all chemicals) do affect it. They are physical things (consisting of atoms). The brain is a physical thing (consisting of atoms). The mind is not. Well it is, but not really. We will have to go into Quantum Physics to discuss that, and we will in a moment. Don’t go away.

OK, we will have to start considering and discussing the molecular structure of electricity and the mind, which means delving into the Quantums and the atomic structure as per Einstein. The delving has been done, and is discussed in another article. But … The mind is not a solid physical item (like the brain). More a flowing electrical thing. Not even a thing really. Unless a river could be regarded as a ‘thing’ (of drops of water?). Flowing around, or sometimes blocked in parts of the physical brain. Specifically, the amygdala and the hippocampus. Google them.

The mind consists of two parts. Very connected, but two parts, two missions. Yes, really. Similar to the left and right parts of your brain. Two parts making one brain. Another two parts (the conscious and the subconscious) making one mind. But you won’t be able to Google it because not too many people have realised it yet. I repeat however that the mind is not a viewable physical item like the brain. but an electrical current as in a computer. Flowing around and through the computer chips. The knowledge is in the current. The music on a cd is not in the plastic disc. The brain is the disc. The mind is the electrical current. Who opened that window? 🙂

When the music is stored on the cd, or your memories are stored in the neo-cortex of the brain, it’s of no actual use. Just like your clothes in the closet. If it’s just sitting there and not flowing, the music can’t be heard, thoughts can’t be read (or remembered). UNTIL YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND ASKS FOR THEM.

Moving on …

The following is mentioned elsewhere, but let’s go through it again. The conscious mind is similar to the computer keyboard and (probably) the usb inputs. The conscious mind is the ‘contact’ the gateway to the subconscious mind. There is just NOT any other way to ‘get’ to your subconscious mind except through your conscious mind. That’s the two minds previously mentioned. The conscious mind also acts as a filter. It does not ‘let through’ to your sub-conscious mind (your other mind), habits, beliefs and concepts on a permanent basis that will conflict with habits, beliefs and concepts already ingrained in that subconscious mind. Which is why to CHANGE a habit or belief, the conscious mind has to be put into a trance – a trance is a kind of sleep. You do it all the time. Go past the bus stop? Get involved in a movie? That’s a trance In yoga and EVERY type of meditation and religion, hypnosis HAS to be used ie: the conscious mind is by-passed and the subconscious mind (the other mind!) is accessed to allow the human to “achieve nirvana with the almighty power, the ultimate spirit, the only God and so on according to whatever particular event is being held that evening in the stadium.

It’s all a variation of hypnosis by a different name. UM.. there are many different types of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist (you?) uses different phrases depending on what you want. With the utmost respect (out of the corner of my eye) it can be said that you get the same result sitting in your lounge-room as you would going all the way to some far-off sub-tropical “spiritual retreat”. The conscious mind is also very much a necessity as a filter because the other mind, the SUB conscious mind accepts everything that fed into it as the truth – whether it’s true or not. So that explanations given to a child, especially by a parent or other grown-ups are accepted as the truth of ANY matter “because Mum told me” People used to believe the world was flat Many people still believe that there’s some kind of super judge flying around the planet – and these same people are actually in charge of nations – or would like to be.

The saying is well known: “Give me a child until it’s seven years old and it belongs to me” and all this is nowhere else but in the mind. There is just nowhere else for it to be.


February 25 2018

Let’s have the basic understanding that we’ve all read many books, we all have our different opinions about the knowledge in these books, we all have our different diplomas and certificates and hopefully, we all have our different opinions about the same subject.

You may have solved the same problem in a different way than others, and it worked for you.

Great, so, we can agree to disagree.

It’s widely stated in many books that the human body consists of some 50 Trillion cells and maybe more after you’ve finished breakfast. The atoms that your breakfast food consisted of are absorbed by your body’s system and they become YOUR atoms. The energy in those atoms becomes YOUR energy and is used by your system for your own survival.

The eye-opener is that each of those 50 Trillion cells consist of countless molecules and those molecules are made up of even more atoms and then each atom consists of neutrons and protons and both of these are made up of three quarks, and that’s getting very very small. Now the protons have two up and one down quarks, whilst the neutrons have two down and one up quark.

Then there’s the ‘glue’ that holds it all together called Gluon. I kid you not. Google it.

Scientists’ sense of humour may need to be questioned. There’s more to this than meets the eye or even the electron microscope, but that will do for now. But wait a minute. What’s worse is that under an electronic microscope, each of the atoms carries on a ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ kind of existence. Because it’s been discovered that in our current dimension, atoms are based on matter, whereas in another let’s call it dimension, atoms are based on energy.

But matter does matter, because we can get hold of it. Indeed, we ARE it. But because we consist of atoms, and those atoms are based on both matter AND energy, so must we be. Worry worry. You might wonder what on Earth this basic Quantum stuff’s got to do with our daily problems, but it’s the core of human civilisation – indeed, the core of creation itself.


February 25th 2018

Sydney Australia 1961 – a true story.

I’d just been called back from New Zealand where I’d been enjoying a short holiday.

A telegram had advised me that my Mum was deadly ill in a Sydney hospital, and I walked into this small ward where there were six women and I couldn’t see Mum anywhere, but over in the corner was a dreadful apparition of what looked like a skeleton lying in the bed. It opened its eyes and I realised to my horror that it was my Mum.

What sort of expression do you try and keep on your face as you walk over there. She saw me and smiled a smile that only a Mother’s love can bring. I wish she hadn’t. She told me in our short conversation that the nurses wouldn’t allow her a mirror. She also said she wouldn’t be here much longer, but that she would not be crossing right over. In my youthful innocence, I asked what did she mean. She told me that she refused to spend the rest of eternity under the control of a man or God who would “do this to his creations” and she pulled the blanket down.

This dead creature with only a smidgen of life left in her eyes, was not my Mother. I could only walk away with the Heavens trembling in fear at my rage. I’d cast God out of my life’s journey thirteen years previously when I was seven and therefore becoming old enough to think. I’ve not seen or heard of him since and neither wish to. The anger prevails.

After that visit, I was sitting in our little house just wondering, and the water pipes in the ceiling gave a bit of a knocking but they hadn’t before and they haven’t since. A few minutes later I got a call from the hospital that the cancer has got too much for her and she’d left us. But I’d just been told, hadn’t I. A couple of days later, I investigated the water pipes and found they didn’t go into the ceiling at all.

The rest of the century also passed away, and it was halfway through September 1999. General society around the world was starting to worry that it was near the end of the millennium and was the world going to end and was this Armageddon and was Jesus going to…and so on. Me, I was sitting on the end of my bed one night before retiring (September 16th, actually), just running my hands over my torso massaging the aching muscles. I felt a bit of a pimple just below my right nipple. But there was nothing there to squeeze. Just under the skin, a little lump about the size of a small pea and not painful at all. But well, it shouldn’t be there and like a rattle in the exhaust pipe of a car, it had to be checked out to see what it was. It couldn’t be, you know, breast cancer because men don’t get breast cancer, do they.

So down to the outpatient’s at Wyong hospital first thing next morning. first thing next morning. The repeat was not a mistake. The doctor took one look and sent me straight to my family doctor to get a reference to see a specialist. “But I don’t have a doctor, I’m never sick” “So go to any doctor and get a reference” A few days later, a visiting American specialist gave me a pain deadening needle that didn’t stop the biopsy needle feeling like six inch nail being rammed, sorry, inserted just beside the right nipple. Not once but three times. Ouch ouch and ouch. Thankfully. I knew enough about do-it-yourself hypnosis to allay anymore of the expected pain.

It took another four weeks to confirm that it was a malignant tumour, and just three days later, I was minus my entire right nipple and some surrounding pectoral flesh, and it looked like a zipper because they’d stopped using fishing line by then for stitches. The entire wound looked like it had been stapled by ordinary but large paper staples at short intervals along its six-inch length, and a strange looking piece of sticky tape covered the whole length and width of the wound. Strange, they was no blood, no pain, no body parts, nothing. Not there, anyway.

Just before the operation, a nice lady doctor told me that breast cancer can spread, and it usually goes to the glands in the armpits. So the surgeon recommends (she said), that the armpit be opened up and the lymph glands there be checked for any cancer spread. It seems that if the cancer spreads there, it can spread to the rest of the body, and would you prefer gold or silver handles on your coffin. The choice was entirely mine – about both lymph glands and the handles I guess – and I signed the paper just where her finger was pointing to. Silver handles? Forget it. Let’s go out with a bit of class. Checking my body out after the operation, the thought occurred to me that perhaps I should get the other side as well, so it would balance up. Later on in life, if I needed either heart or lung work done, they could undo the zipper, go on in, repair the plumbing, and then just zip me back up. Interesting mind-set, but a man wearing a black gown and hood, and holding a scythe was in the dark corners, upsetting realistic thoughts a little. The wound in my armpit was a different scenario.

This was an invasion which interfered with the lymph drainage system. A very small diameter plastic tube about five feet long had been inserted into the armpit wound that involved the lymph gland. The other end led to a small plastic bag like the one you put your lunch in. Small amounts of blood and waste products drained from my armpit into this little bag. Much like my body was my house (which it is) and the bag was a septic tank. I didn’t look too closely. ok? A couple of days after the operation, I was out of bed and wandering slowly round the ward seeing what mischief I could get up to. It seems that the Wyong hospital had only one male mastectomy (breast cancer) patient a year, and seeing as how this was the millennium year, what else could I call myself, but the Millennium Mastectomy Man (fanfare please). Males account for only one or two, percent of all breast cancer patients, so I just snuck in there. And that was the end of it. No chemo, no hair loss, arm swelled up a bit for a bit, but nothing else. Maybe because I had it cut out as soon as I found it. Maybe because I had it cut out as soon as I found it.

That’s another deliberate repeat. I was in the hospital for six days and on the last day, a patient was wheeled into the ward. I was told he had bladder cancer and nobody was insensitive enough to discuss the weight distribution of different sized handles on large wooden containers, but I wandered over and had a chat with him. The previous night, some terrible cries of despair had been coming from his dea – er, his hospital bed and it seemed that the wonderful women adult nurses, four of them, had done some needful if not so terribly painful work on him. They had to actually repeatedly flush his bladder through the obvious opening and his cries that he didn’t need this sort pain at his age were blood curdling. Stephan King couldn’t come near to describing the cries of despair.

I felt deeply grateful for my dear little painless breast cancer. I’d been let off lightly. He’d been told he had only a year to go. I’d been told he had more like two weeks. He then said that he was 81 and I brought a bit of lightness to the scene by exclaiming that I hoped I lived that long, and what a wonderful life he’d had at least until lately. I then mentioned that although he was seemingly relaxed in bed, deliberately relaxing thoughts can sometimes reduce some pains even a little bit more. I stated that it has brought a bit of relief to my own problem (which I didn’t bother him with and that if he would like to talk with me about it, it might assuage the dreadfulness that his body was inflicting on his mind. I lay my hand on the bed cover and as he went to hold my hand, I asked him to hold my wrist instead, so that he could feel the slow steady very purposeful beating of my own heart – it was very purposeful to me, anyway! I took him through the levels of hypnotic trance to the state I now know as somnambulism…

(I didn’t know the language in those days – I just used to do it!). I then wrapped his mind in love and took him home to Wyee with me, to a wonderful tiny space at the front of my front lawn where I’d planted some Australian native trees and where a local female Wallaby (a small type of kangaroo) used to rest with her little baby wallaby. Perhaps it was a special place, The grass was thick, it was soft, it was green and cool, with the shrubs shading it from the hot summer sun. I kept a large dish there with fresh rain water from my water tank for any visiting animals and native birds. I told him that he could leave the worst of his pain there, that it would be spread out amongst the nature there by the nature there, and that if the pain ever got too great he would need to gently think only of the words “relax now” and he would return to that place of peace. and re-create the painless existence that he knew there. When I brought him back to the hospital ward, he reluctantly opened his eyes not wanting to return and the tears streamed down his age-lined cheeks. He looked at me with wonder through those tear-reddened eyes, and asked me who I was, that I could take him to such a wonderful place.

It was time for me to go home the next day, and on my check-up visit a couple of weeks later, I was told that a few days after I left, the affliction had grown just too much for the lovely old man, and he’d left us. But it was strange, the nurse said, that as the last few days passed, he seemed to not need so much attention, so much pain medication, and when he finally went, a most wonderful, peaceful look came to his face. As is my want, I said nothing.

What would I know about these things. Only Mother Nature knows and she knows naught about aught. I often see the wallaby (now with her second child), standing there just … just looking, and I sometimes wonder if the shadows down in the little place are the trees in the wind, or a dear old man who found his own peace in Eternity.

5. More Working the Minds

Another true story (November 2016)

Woke up as usual, no worries, got out of bed, put the feet on the floor…woops nearly fell over, the left leg didn’t want to hold me up. Thought I’d maybe sleeping on that leg, bit numb. Found that I couldn’t walk sensibly on it, but got on with life and carried on with the day’s events. After a couple of days, ended up at the hospital, no pain but still limp, and was put into the ‘Stroke recovery ward’ No worries, food was great, Bed was good. I realised after a while that it was a general observation ward to see if the stroke was going to have any adverse effect. After a few days when I was obviously still alive and on fire, they sent me home.

Maybe because they weren’t too happy with the on fire bit ………..it was the usual mixed gender six bed ward, and opposite my bed was a near skeleton lady. I learned later that she was 92 and had had who knows what amount of strokes. She just lay there basically comatose.

A normal, respectable looking guy perhaps in his mid forties would visit a couple of times a day, hold her hand and talk lovingly to her, maybe her son, maybe husband, but he seemed too young for that, like, she was 92, so any husband would need to be even older. But at least he spoke with her quietly – as one would expect in a public ward.

Not like the otherwise excellent nurses though. Geez. 98% of humans around our planet are either brain dead or just not aware of their immediate surroundings. Or both.

It seemed as though the nurses figured that because this this little old lady couldn’t talk, she was deaf so they almost shouted out loud at the poor little bugger. All sweet endearing words and nice requests about did she need any help etc: but how about talking a bit softly to her. Not my business to tell them, so all I could do was wince and all she could do was lie there and have to accept this (to me and I’m sure to her) barrage of noise.

Lovely, sweet nurses and so helpful, but this was supposed to be a recovery ward, not a bloody disco.

How interesting though. I had become a bass player at a very early age because I see now – many decades later – I couldn’t help myself. I just picked the thing up and played it. There wasn’t much choice. Seems it was the same here too, with mind healing hypnotherapy.

I just did it. There wasn’t much choice. There came a quiet moment. No nurses or others. I slid out of the bed, wandered over with the bit of a limp that I now had. Quietly sat on the side of her bed and lightly tapped – just once – on that skeletal hand.

The eyes opened a little, the hand moved. I took it so that my presence would start to exist in her mind. We were already connecting. I spoke just above a whisper. So refreshing for her ears. “If you feel like it, you may like to try something” The hand fluttered “ok” I gently morphed into her mind, and brought the universe with me. “Imagine the two lungs in your chest, both working nicely. Maybe you can imagine your breath moving in and out of them so smoothly, and that breath is flowing nicely along your throat. That’s right (a few second’s rest break here)”Now imagine the vocal chords in your throat, and how it used to be lovely (rest here) when you could pass your breath over them and speak with your friends.

Just imagine that for a moment … just remember those happy times” I could almost see/feel her mind, her memory working way. I was almost in a light trance myself in just those few moments I’d been talking with – not to – her. I was now in direct but gentle communication with her subconscious mind. “Maybe you’d like to remember those nice times. Perhaps drift your mind back a bit. It wasn’t that long ago really. You can easily think back to when you were talking away with your friends. That’s it, easy now” I was quiet for a few moments, letting her subconscious mind wander back in its memory bank. Just as softly now, I suggested that she imagine the breath moving along her throat and across her vocal chords right now “and look” I continued, “see if your breath can vibrate those chords like they used to. They’d remember how. You know, imagine it. Let it go ahhh. Just make a tiny sound.”

My word were spoken so easily, so softly, just flowing, like Mother Nature whispering through the trees, the trickling of the stream….

Then OMG, there it was, the tiny sound, the chords moving, vibrating so slightly. The eyes struggled open as she heard her voice since how many years. a slightly louder “ohh” came from her. Then a crackling sound and those eyes saw me and a croaking sound came so dreadfully ” who, what are you, that can do this thing?” The hairs stood up, but as I looked behind me, there was the hospital’s chief Neuro-Surgeon watching. Came up for one of his rounds I suppose. Gee, I wasn’t supposed to even be out of bed, let alone wandering ’round the ward doing a Jesus act. Jesus act? Well c’mon. He was the Chief Surgeon, and he could do bugger-all, and I’d got her talking again after just a few minutes…. of course, I know girls like to have their hand held, but that’s another story 🙂 “UM, g’day sport. Just a bit of the old hypno you know”, as I limped past him on the way back to bed. Maybe he’s still wondering how I got that skeleton to talk. When I got home a couple of days later – still limping – I started straight back in to do some more study just like I did when I first picked up that double bass in 1956 – 62 years ago. The next 62 years are going to be interesting. By then, my brain and mind may be in the plastic/metal skull of an Android robot, and after another couple of thousand/million years, I may have evolved enough into pure energy, and creation will be ours.

Yeah …..



Before we start focussing on the minds, let’s have a quick look a t the body. Shock Horror. The biggest organ we have is the skin, and if you think about it, absolutely nothing about you is outside your skin. Everything, everything about you is totally inside your skin. But they’re all physical body parts. Except for the mind. More about the body and the skin later…

But what about your mind and woops, what about your soul – if you believe in such a thing The mind certainly exists – HAS to exist as matter and energy, but it can’t be got hold of in the same sense as other body parts. It can maybe be collected and/or stored as electrical energy, but not actually held as a physical thing Indeed it’s suggested that an actual thought is a collection of electrons that FLOW, and this flow is the current or the ENERGY of the electricity. Do consider that electricity is the flow of electrons that, AS A FLOW, are known as electricity. If the electrons don’t flow they’re not electricity, they’re just a bunch of electrons. It’s the FLOW of the electrons that causes them to become the electricity that flows into your hand and gives you the shock.

If your thoughts and therefore the electrons they consist of, are also of energy in the other dimension – remembering that electrons are of atoms and are therefore of matter AND energy -they can connect, indeed DO connect directly and without hindrance to all of creation (which they are OF). Stated another way: Electrons and thoughts are the same thing. So, if electrons are OF the universe (creation), then humans’ thoughts are OF the universe as well. Which involves the subconscious mind.

It could be that THAT’S where most (ALL?) of the ahha moments originate. It could be said that humans rarely invent things, but discover things. Because their minds are of electrons, and the energy part of the electron is OF the universe. QED.

For instance, consider that E=mc2. But it always equalled that at the beginning of time. It took THAT human the couple of million years or more until we (HE?) evolved his thinking IQ and the neo-cortex and subconscious mind etc: enough to discover the truth (that was always there) from the universe that we became a part of. I suggest that it will not take another couple of million years until humans will not be needing bodies at all. We will be our minds only. Which is all we are anyway.

Our ultimate evolution is to become KNOWINGLY of the universe.

Our bodies are of little consequence, serving merely to carry our minds (of which we are) around the physical plane. Until death.

The human body doesn’t achieve anything else. It has no other purpose or justification for its existence except to eat, sleep and reproduce. In fact, it doesn’t even seek to explore the universe. Indeed, builds space vehicles only for the mind to go exploring. It’s the mind that is seeking, not the body.

The mind doesn’t need spaceship. Only the body needs space ships (to carry the H20 and food). For the foresee-able future, the body will be carrying the mind around and space ships will be needed. Spaceships will be useful only to move MATTER from one place in the universe to another. If you put your wretched smartphone down or a moment and THINK about it, spaceships are old-fashioned and a waste of time and money eg: how many months will it take for your current smart-phone to become outdated.

Obviously, Homo Sapiens is not going to be bound to little Planet Earth much longer, so why not educate the entire race into being aware of itself and one of its Human Givens (the inter-galactic power of its mind). So that in several thousand years or more it may be ready to use the universes in a reasonably sensible manner – oh, and don’t forget AI – Artificial Intelligence – and THAT is going to be the greatest threat to Humanity and why?

Because Homo Sapiens is being held back by emotions which for one, require justification ie: too many ‘what ifs?’ before any ACTION is taken. To put that another way, The human part of the mind is so restricted by its concerns about itself (semblances of the fight or flight syndrome), that it’s not allowing itself to move forward as an intellect, whereas the AI (Artificial Intelligent) Robots aren’t involved with emotions. They just DO things.

But minds are not only of matter. Because they consist of atoms (through their atomic structure) also of energy. If the human mind/s considers the energy part of the electron atom – in other words, considers its own atomic construction, and through evolution, becomes more the ENERGY part of its atom than the matter part, then the human mind would exist as energy only – or maybe even have the choice. WOW!

Then the human mind (consisting only o energy) could move through the ether of the universe at will, and if only because of the proven aggression of humanity, could eventually rule the universe – maybe even creation itself.

Because creation itself – in the other dimension – exists as nothing more than energy.

A thought being that Creation doesn’t think. It’s not AWARE. It merely exists.

But humanity not only exists. It thinks. It’s AWARE that it thinks.

It gets worse. Much much worse. It’s AWARE that it’s AWARE.

Creation doesn’t stand a chance.

Wherefore art thou God.

But wait….In the 21st century, there are more than 7 billion minds (with their bodies to carry them around). In the not so far distant future when the human race further evolves and divests itself of its body. Which means the MATTER part of its atomic existence, it will by normal birth expansion, consist of many more billions of mind-energies, none of whom would have any need to be tied to their original Planet Earth.

They will exist as energy – energy being the very essence of all the universes. However, unlike the universes, they will be Human and therefore totally AWARE that they exist. It’s already been pointed out in other books that there more connections in the brain than in the entire universe.

So there would be billions of energy-minds, each individually with more connections than stars in the universe. Do the maths. How many connections does that add up to?

That means every mind each with more connections than the universe, would be in direct mental connection with every one of the billions of humans in existence, and that the entire Human Race would be scattered across not just the local Universe, but across every Universe in existence – with every one of those Human Minds totally AWARE of everything.

Does it get even a little bit scary to wonder What would happen if those billions of Human-energy minds actually decided to morph into one mind? That leads to more maths. Ready? more MATHS;

Each mind has more connections than the universe. There are let’s say, ten billion humans …. in the year 2520. Each of those ten billion minds has more connections than just one universe. So collectively, that’s ten billion universes in those ten billion minds. If the ten billion mind-energies join as one, there are more connections in that one collective mind as in ten billion universes. That mind would be one clever dude.



23 February 2018

What drives all this? What are the priorities?

Human’s Primary drive is self-preservation. ME before all else.

It’s a mandatory part of our evolution.

The Human needs to survive if only to fulfil other requirements.

The secondary drive is race preservation. Mother Nature – who has been known as “God’s Mother” installed this as one of the Human Givens in the most pleasant of ways known as “kissin’ cuddlin’ and connubial felicitation”. Kind of “me first, then the women, then anybody who agrees with me”.

But then what?

The essence of the Human psyche is group togetherness and tribalism. The early caveman could not survive alone and had to live and roam in a tribe for sheer protection against wild animals.

In quieter times, when others were not so close in the cave, that inside voice was asking questions – Why? What? Where? How?

To avoid that alone-ness and to get somebody to answer these questions, the early cave man had to create in his mind(where else?) another person that they could ‘converse’ with, think with and hopefully was much cleverer in fact was just so much superior that maybe he even created everything (in the cave man’s mind).

The fact that this magical ‘person’ never actually existed in fact, NEVER NEEDED TO EXIST indeed ONLY EVER NEEDED TO EXIST as a concept, as a mind buddy, to avoid the human alone-ness) has escaped the mind of the average person. Repeat. Average person.

The God concept was created to satisfy a NEED of the evolving Homo Sapiens. God never needed to actually exist, but the god concept was mandatory. This tribal mind-set (a need for another person) was enhanced and built upon by wiser humans in those early centuries, so that down through the ages some thousands of gods were thought up by the ‘wise men’ the witch doctors, the medicine men, the snake oil salesmen who then re-named themselves as priests and whatever, and told the tribes that they (the priests), were ‘closer to God’

So it was, in the way that the two minds work, that this ‘belief’ grew in the consciousness (or more to the point, the subconsciousness) and became known as religion – all of this fantasy based around nothing more than a human emotion known as fear – fear of being alone and away from the tribe. But do get this right. It’s not that a God exists (or doesn’t exist). It’s concept which is no more than a belief – a fantasy – in the mind – that exists and it’s a very real, deadly fantasy, a deadly belief, that’s caused normal humans to brainlessly murder countless billions of fellow human beings simply because their mum told them what her ancestors told her. Let’s go through that again. Our dreamed up Gods are just that. Dreamed up.

Dreamed up in the subconscious mind and couldn’t possibly exist – because they were THOUGHT UP. But the concept of them very much exists. It has to. The Homo Sapiens psyche evolved in such a way that it became mandatory for them (us) to keep within the tribe for sheer survival.

The concept of something else apart from the ME had to be created Concepts can be created ONLY in the mind (there just isn’t any other place in the body). If a concept (belief) is repeated so many times to the subconscious mind, it becomes a belief. Christians have to (or are told by senile old men – the snakeoil salesmen- that they HAVE to) pray every night and attend church every Sunday. Humans that are brought up in an Islamic family have to (or are told by other senile old men) that they have to pray to their particular concept of a God five times a day. Again, that rule was DREAMED UP by another human’s subconscious mind that had a childhood you wouldn’t wish on anybody. The poor soul. So on throughout the millennia of human civilisation.

All fantasy stuff from the human minds. Concepts. Just dreamed up.

Which is how the TWO MINDS WORK.

For instance, The Scandinavian Gods Thor and others, have blonde hair and blue eyes. The Jewish God (of Jesus), needs to be circumcised The Middle East God, does not attract any comment. Do his creators need him to be circumcised or is that someone else’s dream. The Filipino God (who is the Roman Catholic God, not the Jewish God, has that fabulous golden skin and almond shaped eyes and of course, there were lots of Filipino Gods before the Roman Catholic God. Then there’s all the other thousands of dreamed up gods according to whatever culture NEEDED them and created them and passed them on to the children of the children of the children. Father Christmas and also the Tooth Fairy do not actually exist, but the concept is deeply engraved in the belief patterns of our collection of connections in the universe. The Minds are AWARE.

Now you’re going to have to start thinking, aren’t you? Worry, Worry.

Of course, you could remain as on f the 98 percenters. It’s said only 2% of the human race are AWARE.


February 22 2020

One of the biggest challenges of civilisation is to “give up smoking” also known as “stop smoking” The subconscious mind will reject both of those statements, requests, wishes, demands, call them what you will. No tablets, pills, lotions and the like, will ever stop you smoking by default – more on that in a moment. Patches and other PHYSICAL things will also not work except by default. “But I used the patches by default the other day and they worked” you say.

“I took those tablets and I haven’t smoked since” you say. I said BY DEFAULT. worry worry. You see, any of the PHYSICAL cures were really` placebos. Smoking is a habit. ALL habits can only be in your subconscious mind. The only way that the smoking habit in your subconscious mind can be changed, is to get into your subconscious mind and change it. Sounds sensible. The habit is in your subconscious mind and NOWHERE ELSE !! Putting sticking plaster on your arm or sucking on a pretend plastic cigarette is not going to change a mind habit! Sometimes a conscious mind can get SO intent and you (it) keep on repeating the need to stop smoking, that it finally can get through to your subconscious mind and – you just stop. This is a kind of sneaky self hypnosis even if you have no idea about hypnosis or the mind. People that this happens to, may shrug their shoulder and say “I just made up my mind and stopped “Yeah, right oh…
At least they didn’t say they made up their shoulder or right foot and stopped!!

I hope that you can agree that you have the smoking habit so you could also agree that smoking is a habit eg: when you feel like smoking, you light up by habit. That’s cool. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a habit. So what. UM… You probably have other habits too. Many of them are beneficial. Some may not be so good. Ok you can handle that but where are these habits? Is it reasonable to suggest that they’re in your mind? and in your subconscious mind too. Because that’s where all your habits and beliefs are kept. Your subconscious mind resists all change and be assured your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the ‘gonna’ mind. It’s gonna give up smoking and it’s gonna clean your teeth everyday and it’s gonna do this and gonna do that but you never do because the smoking habit is in your subconscious mind!

Your conscious mind can’t change/alter or remove the smoking habit. The habit is not in your conscious mind, it’s in your SUB conscious mind. The only thing you can do is to bypass your conscious mind (using self-hypnosis) get into you subconscious mind (where the habit is and carefully alter the smoking habit/belief that’s been in your subconscious mind all this time you need to ALTER the belief so you ‘see’ yourself as a non-smoker. Previously, you’ve been seeing yourself as a smoker, thereby having the habit that you’re a smoker which you’re now going to change!! The cunning beauty of this new attitude, this new belief (that you changed in hypnosis) is that you don’t actually GIVE up smoking -you’re not taking anything away from yourself. Your subconscious mind can’t get all ego-trippy and try and stop this “stop smoking ” caper.

You can still smoke if you want to, but you kind of don’t feel like it anymore. But how do I get into my subconscious mind and do all that stuff? The article labelled “Self Hypnosis” will show you the way.


21 February 2018

Every animal, including Human animals needs to be totally and constantly AWARE of its immediate surroundings. Going right back to the cave-man era, the caveman had to be constantly alert for attacks by wild animals. There needed to be immediate recognition of any dangers. Was the approaching animal dangerous? Could it be beaten in a fight? If not, could it be outrun? This is the well known fight or flight syndrome. One of the causes of today’s stress. It’s the “little bits of stress” that builds into depression.

We don’t have any wild beasts roaming city streets, but our fight or flight syndrome is still triggered by our modern concepts of personal danger. It’s suggested that our modern society is by far more stressful than any primeval jungle. The possible danger signals come to us through our normal inputs eg: sight, hearing and smell and is quickly passed to your subconscious mind WHERE ALL YOUR MEMORIES ARE !! exactly the same as your computer memory bank in your computer’s hardrive. Your subconscious mind then checks through its memory back to try and get a PATTERN MATCH of the incoming signals to see if they represent possible ganger. A decision is then made to stand and fight or to run out of danger’s way. But the mind has other uses for pattern matching, one of which would be communication. Humans communicate with each other by verbal means (talking) and by sign language specifically for deaf/dumb people. and just for being rude to others (the middle finger) but also for field sports eg: cricket and baseball. and also for silent communication in military action. Let’s focus on simple everyday talking. Hopefully you’ve seen that ALL memories of every type have been saved in the memory bank of the subconscious mind. That means memories relating to your own personal health events eg: how often you do (or don’t) catch a cold, what physical injuries have you had, and when did you have that (or those) stroke/sand just everything about your body, gender irrelevant. But we’re focussing on talking. Which means words. When you started being taught your first language as a child, you had to remember literally every single word. Normally, the first word would be Mama perhaps followed by papa and so on. Each and every single word is just a sound and every sound had to be remembered by your subconscious mind. Thousands of them, just different sounds and every sound and inclination being a word.

The subconscious mind also has the ability to create – let’s call them mind pictures. When the mind hears the sound ‘mama’, up would come the picture of your mum. If she died say 20 years ago, up would come the picture of how you last saw her. The thought here is that the memory has been sitting in your subconscious mind for more than 20 years. Even if you hear the word “Mother”, the same picture will come up as if you heard the word mum The memory bank in your subconscious mind will pattern match the same ‘memory’ to both words. Do NOT ask me “why”? or “how”?

When your conscious mind hears the sound “Mother” it ‘sends it back’ to the subconscious mind which then sends that sound right through to its memory bank to check if there’s a similar pattern match to that sound. There’s your PATTERN MATCHING. It applies to all words bar none. It’s exactly the same if your mum hadn’t died and you saw her at breakfast this morning. When your conscious mind hears the sound “Mother”, it still has to send it back to the subconscious mind which still has to do the pattern match and up come the picture of your mamas you last saw her. HOWEVER, the memory of when you saw her 20 years ago also comes up IF YOUR CONSCIOUC MIND WANTS IT TO, and also all the other times you’ve ever seen her. You see, ALL the memories of ALL the events of your life are kept in your memory bank until you die. NO ifs. No buts. Another pattern match: So, you her the English word MOON. Your subconscious mind matches that up with a picture of the moon, and you (your mind!) knows exactly what the speaker is meaning. All normal pattern matching! But i you hear the word LUNE, your subconscious mind will not be able to find a pattern (picture) match to the word-sound LUNE, so it will mean nothing to you because the speaker is French and is speaking French and the French sound/word of LUNE is the English sound/word MOON He would ‘see’ a picture of the moon, but the non French speaking person wouldn’t. You could go further…if the French speaking person speaks French AND English, both word/sounds would bring up a picture of the moon – in his mind, if no-where else.

The sub mind has to pattern match EVERY word or you are not able to connect the words up. This has to mean that both your minds have to be in constant 24/7 connection with each other. Which also means that hypnotherapist has only to ask a question of the past (YOUR past) and that gets him into your memory bank and into your subconscious mind. And that’s hypnosis! Which then has only to be deepened and focussed on what he wants to alter in your mind. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS “CAN’T BE HYPNOTISED” Just different levels of hypnosis…

The mind doesn’t pattern match just words, but everything else. You see by the two previous examples of pattern matching that as soon as you start THINKING or imagining about other things and/or events (apart from what’s happening right NOW-the present moment), you’re moving away from the conscious world (your conscious mind)and into the story on TV. Which means out of your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind Clarifying that ! If you’re deeply involved in the TV story, you are not aware of what’s going on in your real life- the conscious world- your conscious mind … If you really get into this understanding, you will realise that you just start thinking-imagining-another place or scenario or event and your subconscious mind will pattern match what you’re thinking and subconsciously ‘take’ you there. You will BE there as deeply as you’re IN that TV show.

We humans are a weird lot 🙂 I resemble that remark! 🙂

When you consider the instant communication between your two minds, you can understand that the hypnotherapist – or you if you’re using hypnotherapy – can instantly access your subconscious mind simply by THINKING of somewhere else. Once you’re aware that you’re ‘somewhere else’ you cn stay there by simply continuing to think about that other place – just like you stay in the TV movie. You may need to practise this a little bit. You do it by keep on thinking about the other place you’re in. You’ll get used to it. Pattern matching is necessary, even mandatory, throughout every facet of your life. You want to tie up your shoelaces? You HAVE TO (you DO) move from your conscious mind into your sub conscious to remember how to do that-and every time too. Even if you do it ‘without thinking about it’ But of course you DO think about it – subconsciously. Sure it’s grown to be a HABIT and habits are kept in your subconscious mind aren’t they? and that mind still has to remember how it’s done. That goes for just about everything. Did you have a shower his morning? You HAD to move out of your conscious mind into your subconscious mind’s memory bank to remember that … and you didn’t even have to ‘think about it’ … Got it?


20 February 2018

Making a decision is something that can only be done in the mind, and while it’s said it can be done with only the conscious mind, there has to be lots of due diligence and pattern matching and checking in the memory bank by the subconscious for any successes, failures and dangers that may have happened in the past. All of this happens in a split second of course, with constant communication between the two minds, with the conscious mind finally collating all the information that’s ‘sent up’ by the subconscious mind. Then making the decision.

It’s not something that’s as obvious as say, sneezing. It’s more that the results of a made decision are noticed. The actual making is so automatic. Let’s have a fun look at the scenario of decision making ‘Simply follow the written instructions. Most humans have a left hand. If not, then use your right hand.

When I say ‘GO” raise your left hand a little bit (if you decide to) got it? DECIDE to If you decide NOT to, then don’t raise that hand. It will be entirely YOUR decision. Got it? Your decision. But you will have to make that decision Ready? 1…2…3… GO. You just raised your hand (or didn’t depending on what decision you made). You made that decision and you made it with your mind.

We’re talking about making a decision, and what you used to make that decision- your mind. This repetition may seem a trifle tedious, but it’s to keep your mind on track The results of your hand-raising decision may or may not have made much difference to your lifestyle, and so many more ‘little’ decisions’ during the day are often not much more than just wandering through the playing cards of your everyday life. Just routine decisions. hardly noticeable. But some decisions could – and have made a change in millions of lives. Let’s have a look at the results of a decision of a human mind – the same method of decision that you used to raise (or not raise) your hand.

Many years ago, there was this ordinary looking little man sitting in a room in Europe, probably in Germany and during the nineteen forties. This guy sat in a chair much like you are probably doing right now. He’d done what we now know as due diligence, and got to the same stage that you were at about whether you will or won’t raise your hand. Will I or won’t I?” After the due diligence, making the actual decision took no more time or effort than your hand raising decision. Then Adolph Hitler spoke to his generals in that room and told them. “Yes, Germany will invade Russia”. Your decision got you to raise (or not raise) your hand. Exactly the same type of decision by Adolph caused the slaughter of millions of humans. That’s the power of the human mind: and you have exactly the same power in your mind. What you do with it, is your … UM … decision.

I repeat again, that this hand-raising caper, is your subconscious mind accessing its own memory bank to instruct your body’s switchboard (brain) to activate the relevant nerves and tendons to raise your left hand.- to start World War three 🙂 Let’s try it once more… Ask your conscious mind to tell your SUB mind to get your brain to move your head to look to the left (or right). But this time, be AWARE of what’s going on here and you can almost watch your mind/brain working on this. The point of this last exercise is for you to truly realise that you can control just about every movement of your body. No drama. You do it all the time. Mostly without you even knowing that you’re doing it. But this time, you’ll be AWARE that you’re doing it. As mentioned before, if you’re AWARE of your actions, you’re in your conscious mind. To follow that train of thought along again, as soon as you start ‘thinking’ then you’ve moved into your conscious mind. If anyone asks you a question, you HAVE to move into your subconscious mind. Firstly to ‘pattern match’ each word of the question (like, you have to ask YOUR SELF, what’s he asking?) then your sub mind has to gather the knowledge FROM YOUR MEMORY BANK. Once again you just do not have anywhere else to keep the actual memory or do the pattern matching for that question except in your memory bank that’s in your subconscious mind. Let’s for a moment, relate pattern matching to decision making. You will remember I suggested you raise your left hand. Why didn’t you raise your right hand or your foot or eyebrow or indeed anything (or nothing at all!). My suggestion ‘went’ to your conscious mind which sent it to your subconscious mind which used its ‘pattern matching’ (app?) to decipher each word-sound. It then told your brain (which is NOT your mind!) to pull the correct tendons and muscles which would raise your left hand not your right hand (or eyebrows!). This pattern matching goes on 24/7 throughout your entire body, even while you’re asleep No wonder you’re so tired. Just kidding!!


19 February 2018

Just when you thought it was safe to …

This is how the “Beam me up Scotty” scenario of the ‘Star Ship Enterprise’ works, IN REAL LIFE: People who are old enough to remember when that TV show was on, may have wondered how on earth did the wall open up enough so that a door would be there to walk through. That was all “Science Fiction” in those days. Now it’s normal that there’s a photo beam interrupted by a person and when that beam is broken it turns the power on to an electric motor that turns a cog wheel that pulls the cord that slides the .door open. Easy as.

Not much more involved by today’s science, is the intergalactic transfer of a selected group of atoms. Simply (!) Take a 3D photo of the atomic structure of the Captain’s body with the latest 4020? model of today’s smart phone or Android tablet, create a URL pattern of that atomic structure, transfer it to and/or through the latest equivalent of Service Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Cloud Live Stream or whatever else will be the latest trend in 3020? 4020?

Then using the good ‘ole stand-by (copy n paste),from the early days of this century (or was it last century? who cares!) of the previously identified planet url in whatever previously identified universe url (Google Earth, Google Universe etc:) The previously saved photo of the Captain’s body is then copy ‘n’ pasted to the url of the previously identified and saved universe forward stroke planet url. Easy as. That information will cost you a packet of Tim Tams. and I don’t want just the packet – I want the Tim Tams as well 🙂 But then you can print the whole thing out with a 3D printer/hologram which will be normal by 4020 For safety’s sake, you would hardly send the original..

It could be suggested that THAT technology is not so far away from current (2020) technology as the original “brick” mobile/cell phone is from today’s latest android smart phone and blue tooth and wifi. But then again, it’s not that far away – a million years or so – that Homo Sapiens will have evolved its atomic structure to existing as energy only.

So that it will not need to be “beamed up” anywhere, thank you. It will just go there. But be reasonable. Maybe after morning tea. But just go there.

Milk and two sugars thanks – and don’t forget the TIM TAMS.


18 February 2018

Every Human, regardless of gender or racial origin, is born with one brain and one mind. That could seem to be two items. However, both items are divided into two sections. But not actually in a physical sense. The brain is a physical thing in that the top of the skull can be removed or just a flap can be opened up to expose a part of the brain that may need surgery. These operations would be normal to a brain surgeon and have been performed for ages It’s been suggested that the brain, being a physical thing, is concerned mostly with causing the operation of the body parts, including the creation and movement of liquids, juices and lubrications required by the various body parts.

While it’s one object, and looks like one, the brain definitely has a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere and each has their own missions and even take turns to handle, shall we say, the daily stress chores. The two sides take turns about every 90 minutes. (No don’t time it. We’re grown-ups). So that while the two parts are definitely joined and interact in almost every way, it’s most unlikely that if dropped, it would break apart, it would be more likely to go splat, depending the floor surface. More modern bio-Scientists have been considering (after many cups of tea), that although centred in the brain, the mind involves itself in the whole human body at the cellular level as well as in the brain.(view matters of the mind).

The brain is also regarded as the home of the mind. Further information on the missions and activities of both sides of the singular brain are explained in depth in so many other easily available books.


16 February 2018

The very word hypnosis is of two parts. The hypno part is a Greek word meaning sleep. In this context though, the sleep is more of a trance state rather than a normal sleep, and the trance applies only to the conscious part of the two minds. This trance state is exactly the same mind-set that is used in all versions of Yoga and other fine and successful meditations.

The point of by-passing the conscious mind by lulling it into a trance by one of the many known methods, is so hat the filter or gateway aspect of the conscious mind, is taken out of the equation. so that any professional hypnotherapist (or you as your own hypnotist), can gain direct contact with your subconscious mind and alter the beliefs or habits or do whatever else you had planned. Power napping is one use for which you’ll need direct contact with your subconscious mind. But Power Napping is self-hypnosis, and requires quite some practice. Which means: do it quite often.

So how to actually DO it?

Firstly. Accept, no not just ‘believe’ but ACCEPT that there are really two parts to your mind. In exactly the same way as there are two lungs inside your ribs. You’ll never see them, but you just accept that you do have two of them. Maybe visualise a huge iceberg. the visual part above the water is the conscious part. The largest part of the iceberg is under the water. That’s the subconscious mind. It seems to THINK to you rather than talk to you, like the other mind does. It will show your ideas and concepts, and oh! those aha thoughts about how to solve that problem you said you’d ‘sleep on’ You said that “you’d give it some thought” and similar sayings.

But do really ‘get it’. Your subconscious mind is so stunningly clever. But consider that it’s more than that. I suggest in the other articles, that the subconscious mind is in connection with the universe. and somehow gets these ideas and ‘other stuff’ and presents them to the conscious mind as an aha moment. As I’ve mentioned, E=mc2 came to the conscious mind of Einstein after how many hours of mental battling with this high maths. But the battling ‘thinking’ was done by the subconscious mind. I also mention that he didn’t ‘discover’ that equation but E ALWAYS equalled mc2. It had to or creation could not have been “created” Einstein simply (well, not ‘simply!! discovered that E did indeed equal mc2. Einstein had nothing to do with it!

But this has NOTHING to do with any “Gods” or “angels in the sky” or religion at all. So, back to “how to actually “DO it”!! 1. Preferably do NOT lie right down. Your body may ‘think’ that you’re going to bed and may relax right down and fall completely asleep. No. You want to go into a trance like the trance that you ‘go into’ when you’re sitting in a bus or train and go past the stop! THAT’S a trance! An experienced clinical hypnotherapist may ‘put you into’ that level of trance and then deepen that trance if there’s a deeper problem/phobia/trauma in your subconscious mind that needs attention. Some phobias and Traumas get more deeply embedded in the subconscious mind and need for you to be put more deeply into a trance to have that phobia/trance ‘lifted out’. Sit in a comfortable chair. Just make yourself comfortable. No problem. Pick a spot, a mark, something on the ceiling. Keep looking at it. After a while, a few minutes, you may feel some part of your body just relaxing or loosening off, that’s fine. Just keep letting it go. The next thing is that your mind will just waken you up and you’ll feel so rested.


14 February 2020

Two words here. Let’s start with the nap word first. You’ve done your morning’s work, whatever work means to you. Then it’s time for lunch. and just after lunch, it’s nice to continue the break and have a bit of a snooze. In Mexico, it’s known as a siesta. Tip the sombrero down over the eyes and have a bit of a snooze. In Western cultures and the big cities, it doesn’t quite work like that. It’s rush down to the sandwich bar, grab the food, rush back to the office, then sit around for a few minutes before it’s back to work.

Any thought of a quick snooze is tempting, but there’s the concern that you may fall asleep and even be too groggy to work properly after waking up from that sleep. Here’s the answer: I’ve been using this for decades, and so have millions of others worldwide. It’s known as Power Nap. It’s definitely a system and you must follow simple but mandatory steps, or you may fall into normal sleep, and not wake up until your body has had enough ‘normal’ sleep. So stop messing around, and figure sensibly just how much time you’ve got. This is not a casual snooze or a ‘normal’ sleep. It’s a Power Nap. Different thing altogether. Let’s say you’ve got twenty minutes. You can have a 15 minute nap and 5 minutes to get back to your desk, (Unless you’re going to Nap at your desk. But it’s up to you to do the maths.

So you’re sitting in your chair or couch at home or in the office. You can even lie on your bed at home. The following part is mandatory: You have 20 mins break and 15 mins to Nap, and then you have to wake up. When you’ve done this a few times and got it right, It gets to be a habit. Maybe you’ve got 20 or even 30 minutes break and 20 mins Nap, it doesn’t matter. But you must know how many minutes of Napping time before you need to wake up. Obviously, you need a timepiece. But not an alarm of any kind. Nor does the watch need to be the ‘right time’.

A watch, a clock, a mobile/cell phone, anything so that you know the time NOW, (when the Nap starts). You MUST know the exact time (only according to whatever the watch reads) to the exact minute. You look at the watch. It reads say 16 minutes TO one, and you’ve got 15 minutes to Nap, so you need to wake up at one minute TO one. And you WILL. That’s how exact this system is. Follow the system. This is hard-core self-hypnosis. You really have to get it into your mind/s. that it’s NOW 16 minutes to one and that you HAVE to wake up at one minute to one (or whatever You’ve decided the sleep and waking times are of course).

You do NOT need to set the watch or any alarm at all …

You must really get the two times into your ‘head’ or your ‘mind’ . The time that it is NOW (that the Nap will start and the time that you must wake up. NO MERCY 🙂 or it won’t work.:-) All this is unusual to your mental routine or your daily thinking. Would be best to try it out at home until you get used to the feeling of that this is true and does work. The weirdest thing I found the first few times is that it does work when it has no reason to. I actually did wake RIGHT up at the exact time I had set my mind to. I checked it all again and yes I had woken up at the exact time that I set my (subconscious) mind to. I found it quite hard to believe, but I used the system for the next 40 years and NOT ONCE did it fail me. You will wake up and snap right back to life. No yawning or sleepy stuff. There is an exact scientific reason for this It’s in the Quantums, and is explained in the next paragraph: The Human body consists of about 50 Trillion cells. Each cell consists of so many molecules and they in turn are made up of so many atoms. These atoms also consist of even smaller particles, protons, Quarks etc: but what we’re interested in is that each atom is of matter but also (in another dimension) of energy and that energy is the very essence of the universe/s. Which means that every atom is OF the universe, and so are we. The religions are somewhat correct at burial when they mumble “Dust to dust Ashes to ashes”.

What’s that got to do with Power Napping? Everything. We are OF the universe and we are operating on universal intergalactic time. So, when we tell our subconscious mind to wake us up at that EXACT time, that’s what happens. Don’t believe it? Neither did I. Just wait until you’ve done this a few times. It’s scary. But truly, I’ve used it for decades under many different situations. It NEVER fails. Unless you forget to get those two EXACT times into your mind/s. You can’t believe how safe you are. This whole business of self-hypnosis and Power Napping does take a couple or more times to realise that it’s actually true and can be trusted more than you can. All humans do it all the time. But we are doing it and are being AWARE of it. Next time you do your shoelaces up STOP for a moment and THINK about how to do your shoelaces up. You may have to remember it all again. It’s become a habit. When I’ve tested things like that for my own academic interest, I often give up THINKING about it, and revert to the ingrained habit. Do really understand that there’s self-hypnosis and there’s Power Napping.

Self -hypnosis is a more relaxed scene with no time limits about when you need to wake up. Power Napping is where there’s a more formal time limit. You will wake up exactly when you have decided to and TOLD yourself when to!! If someone (your lovely children or the dog) wakes you up whilst you’re Napping, no worries. you’ll just wake up as normal. or if nobody wakes you and … If you haven’t done the “look at the clock” bit, you’ll just carry on in the trance, then drift into normal sleep and wake up when your body system has had enough rest. You’ve done that lots of times before. Just like normal. Serves you right for not following the system 🙂 You didn’t tell yourself when to wake up!

But you’ll have had a good relaxing rest.


13 February 2018

All beliefs can be only in the subconscious mind of Human beings. There is no other place in the human body for beliefs to be. No human beings can have any beliefs or attitudes or knowledge about anything at all until after they are born and have been around long enough to have experienced life events and seen and heard about enough other events, to have gained some attitudes about life. So, beliefs are not HUMAN GIVENS (given by Mother Nature before birth). They are add-ons. It could be said that Humans consist of two basics. They are Human Givens (before birth) and add-ons (after birth).

Beliefs are installed in the subconscious mind after birth mostly by parents and other grown-ups including the general public culture of whatever tribe or country the child grows up in. These beliefs could be regarded as add-ons. Many beliefs are so deeply engrained in the sub conscious mind that they deny every consideration of facts or truth. Which is why amongst these articles is mentioned that an hypnotherapist needs to take the patient into a deeper trance – to get right down in the mind to where any trauma or phobia or other problem is. Humans of every race have been known to slaughter any and every other human that doesn’t agree with their particular belief. Proof? For thousands of years billions of humans have been slaughtered because one or maybe a few more had this or that belief installed in their mind by another human being or maybe sometimes by merely reading a book. Right now you, dear reader, have an attitude about me – even though you don’t know me – simply because I’m writing things that are in agreeance or disagreeance with beliefs that were installed in your mind by another human being. During the French Revolution, tens of thousands of French citizens were beheaded (via the guillotine) by their own people because they had this belief or that. The Muslim Koran writes that all believers must behead all non-believers because of a different belief, whilst the Roman Catholic Church in its early days and during its Inquisition, burned thousands of people alive simply because of a different belief. It’s also correct to point the finger at the Nazis, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the American Nuclear bomb dropper. So that murdering people because their beliefs are different, is not restricted to any section of the Human Race.

Most, if not all, of we Humans are out and out cold blooded murderers where self-preservation (even of the ego), is concerned. You believe that tomato sauce is better that barbeque sauce? How many firearms do you hold, to prove that your beliefs are correct? Most beliefs can be changed depending partly on how deeply entrenched they are in your subconscious mind in your very early existence and by the experience of the hypnotherapist. Only the use of hypnosis can change a belief. The Roman Catholic Church is well aware of, and uses hypnosis-especially when someone holds a belief in another faith, and has to have that belief changed so they can marry a person who follows that Catholic Faith.


11 FEBRUARY 2018

Firstly, any knowledge of the soul has to be made known to a human through the usual. inputs. No ifs or buts. Babies do not know about the soul on the day they’re born. We’re told about the soul by other humans we’re told by words. We can read about it, or watch movies/documentaries about it So many humans have had experiences, happenings, that could be prescribed only to the unnatural. So Google the word ‘soul’ and many concepts are forwarded. Nobody really knows. Until death gets it done.

These are all concepts and beliefs in other people’s minds, and we already know that the human mind can be influenced in many ways. We know for sure, that not all beliefs can be UM believed. The soul is not connected at all in the mind or the brain. It can’t be felt or even sensed in the body. What we can do, is consider the situation from a factual point of view, and even then ….

For anything to exist in the universe, it has to be either of matter or of energy. The soul has to be an either, or it’s surely sensible that if something – in this case, the soul – exists as matter or even just as energy, the atoms have to take up space, and every soul HAS to reside within the skin of its owner. But a soul has not so far ever been identified as having any particular space in the body. Has anybody of any medical profession or any of the religions down through the ages, made the definite statement the “the heart is here, the lungs are here and in this space in the back here, is where the soul is” Not in any, not in even one of the ancient writings or any of the thousands of religions, has the soul been assigned a place in the human body. Maybe someone would say “oh, it’s all through the body” it may or may not exist, but if it DOES exist, then the soul has to be, if not of matter then at least of energy, and it HAS to take up SOME space even in the atomic dimension, and is it the same size/shape as the owner’s body?

Lots of questions. Even during an out-of-body experience, floating up to the ceiling or whatever, it still HAS to consist of some kind of atomic structure – just to be SEEN. Whenever Homo Sapiens has evolved to the point of existing as pure energy and that human-mind-energy expands across the many universes, WITHOUT ITS BODY, what of the soul then?

Sorry about that, God

It goes further. Are you sitting down?

If we assume that Jesus truly existed, it goes that his body had to consist of the 50 trillion cells that were made up of atoms and when he died, those atoms still existed even though the cells were dead or dying, and it’s in the Bible that he rose to the heavens but the atoms of his 50 trillion cells all had to rise (against the pull of gravity) and pass through the atmosphere of H2O. This is written (with absolute respect towards the faiths) and this is entirely relevant to the scientific question of what is the atomic structure of the human soul – especially when the Homo Sapiens evolves to become an intergalactic existence of pure energy.

When Homo Sapiens first evolved, at what stage of that evolution WHICH HE HAS ALREADY BEEEN THROUGH did he evolve from being an “animal” to being a human, and presumably warrant a soul. Where was the line in the sand, and how was it written? Was it when the conscious mind evolved – and how far did the conscious mind have to evolve until it KNEW it had/was a conscious mind and that it was AWARE that it was AWARE. This could be important because Creation is NOT aware. But a human IS. It’s almost enough to make you think – I hope.


10 FEBRUARY 2018

It’s interesting that Homo Sapiens has achieved so much, considering the limited means of letting other beings of the same race (the human race) know what you’re thinking or planning or have in mind-which are all versions of thinking. Let’s consider how a human being let’s another human being know what his/her thoughts are – about anything/everything on a 24/7 basis. Let’s forget the usual answer for a moment and look at the challenges. You’ve got this thought in your mind (where else) it could be about just anything. The content of the message etc: is irrelevant. You need to move/copy the thought from your mind into the mind of another human mind. Not just move it, but do it so that the receiver understands it, and also that the receiver remembers the message. That would be regarded as a successful communication. Never mind the means for the moment. If you’re going to use the same old same old antiquated stand-by method of actually talking to them, then straight away, there’s a challenge.

Which particular language will you use?

There was no problem back in the days – the era- when humans first started talking It’s said it first started with the Negroes in the African continent, and there was only one language. But that was a while ago and it’s grown to six thousand languages and the various accents of each of those languages. OK, Let’s accept that talking is one method of communication. Right. What else do we have. There’s sign language that deaf and dumb people use. Not bad, but not really acceptable. There’s body language. Not nearly expressive enough and deals mostly with the emotions. Another method of communication is writing. But apart from the same ‘which language’ challenge it simply takes too long for instant exchange. It just doesn’t have the range of tonal expressions that many Asian languages demand. OK, so plain talking has too many challenges, so all we’ve really got is ESP. Those letters stand for Extra Sensory Perception. A variation of mind reading. Which is kind of one mind connecting with another, without anything in between such as smart phones or radio waves. No ghosts, no spirits or any of “that kind of stuff”. But there has to be SOMETHING between the two minds … but WHAT? OK, so let’s focus on the definition: We’re looking for two minds (at least) that are connecting with each other with exactly the same connectivity the same instant continuous rapport as normal verbal “chatting” It start when the two minds decide to, and stops when the two minds decide to. Exactly as in normal old-fashioned talking.

Oh, but how is this going to be done. It looks a lot more involved than a cricket match or bingo or even keeping up with the meat raffle down at the club. OK Let’s wander into the Quantums for a bit…Have a read of my article No. 4 “Matters of the Mind” You’re currently reading No. 17. What we’ve got to do is send, copy or move a ‘thought’ from the mind of one human to the mind of another human Here’s how it’s done …..no talking and no peeking 🙂 It was mentioned in article 4. “Matters of the mind”, that a thought consists of electrons…but MOVING electrons. OK An electron consists of atoms and therefore of BOTH matter AND energy. And energy is the essence of the universe. The electrons that the mind consists of have never morphed into cells and then maybe into a solid item as per a brain or some such. They’ve stayed as the mind which I have suggested, is NOT a solid. You are reminded that other atoms (apart from the mind) have morphed into cells and your body consists of 50 Trillion cells. So what you’ve got to do is get the energy part of the electrons of your mind and morph it through the part of the universe that’s between you and the human you’re sending the thought to….to the energy part of the electrons that is his mind flow. Th electrons are a thought. that thought IS energy. You need to send the energy of YOUR thought across to the energy that is HIS thought.

Go deeper… You’re not sending thoughts. You’re sending what the thoughts are made of. The mind is electricity. The electricity is FLOWING electrons and those flowing electrons are made of MATTER and ENERGY (you are in the Quantums now !!) Your mind is not solid like your brain or body. It’s only FLOWING electricity kind of like water. A river is made of water. But that water FLOWS and is not a solid item like your brain or foot. and the message is IN and OF the electrons that WHEN FLOWING is the mind (or the river!)



Casual chat, casual communication. Everyday stuff.

“Weather not bad. Bit warm. but no rain. Just great.” This is normal conversation amongst the 7+ billion humans on the planet. Easy as. But just a minute. What’s really going on. What’s actually happening?

The above message is simple chat. Some messages involve deadly cries for assistance. All verbal messages are conveyed the same way from one human to another. This article is not about the content of the message, but the conveyance system. Let’s focus. We have a message, a thought in the subconscious mind of the sender, and it needs to be sent somehow ‘across’ to the mind of the receiver.

It’s been discussed in other articles, that a human thought consists of electricity and all electricity is made of MOVING electrons. But these electrons are individually made of atoms and then you have to go into the Quantums to know that these atoms are part matter and part energy. If the message is going to be conveyed via ESP (straight from one mind to another), the message would have to involve the energy part of the electron atom being sent through the universe that’s in between the sender and receiver which may be only a couple of feet. Also to keep in mind is that the universe between the two people consists of the universe.


8 February 2018

You’ve been hanging around this planet and dimension for how long this time?

Time to pack the bags, woops, only one bag allowed on the plane, so what have you got if you’ve been around long enough, you would have seen skeletons and empty skulls, you know, documentaries of ancient Egyptian sites, the holocaust, Pol Pot and so on.

It’s obvious that after the ball is over, the flesh is only going to stay on the bones for a while, what maybe fifty years?

But just a minute, it might be ok for the legs to go, just the shin bones and the thigh bones left, and then there’s the arms and well, if the internal organs, you know, the kidney and liver and so on, rot away, that would be the end of any stomach problems. Then of course, the Grim Reaper’s into the head too, which means the cheeks and the tongue gone, with the wind whistling through the eye sockets in the cold winters. and oh dear, the brain.

Hey hold on. Where’s all the other stuff gone.

Look, you’ve been put in the coffin, and maybe you thought you had too many problems with that body, the doctors’ made a fortune, so burn it and there’s only ashes left just like the religions said. But the brain is only flesh too.

So that’s gone. But what about the mind. Oh. that’s where all your memories are … or were.

It’s kind of like, your computer’s crashed, the hard drive’s been wiped and all the files and programs and receipts addresses, everything. Just gone. It’s been mentioned before, here and other places, the human brain is exactly like the computer hard drive. It can be wiped easily. All you need is Dementia, Alzheimer’s, a couple of others, and for sure, dying will get it done. But worse than that, the brain’s only cells, made up of atoms and just like the rest of the body’s cells and atoms, they’ve moved away. They call it rotting, but it’s more like the atoms just move elsewhere in the universe apart from your body – and you would too. the smell would be awful. But then, there’s nowhere for your mind to go. and you wouldn’t be able to try and think where it might have gone. Would you. Considering.

Frankly, the mind hasn’t got too much physical substance. Just a bit of electricity with nowhere to go except around in your head, and when the brain’s gone to other parts of the universe along with the rest of your flesh, where’s the mind going to hang out. The atoms of the electrons that were your mind, are going to just to break up that old gang of mind with all those memories of the good times and the bad times and there they are, or were. All gone.

But they can’t just….GO. like, where have they GONE? Ok, back to the Quantums.

We’ve accepted (for now), that there’s 50 Trillion cells in the body and each cell consists of the atoms which are made up of quarks and protons, but what we’re interested in is the matter and the energy. Especially the energy.

At this stage of our evolution, we assume everything IS the universe, and the brain is just a bunch of these cells. and God’s Mum (Mother Nature) found the brain a handy place to get a mind going like, connect a hard drive memory bank in there, same as in a computer.

But after the ball is over and the lights are dimming down a bit, the brain flesh rots away. Let’s be nice. The atoms that had configured themselves into being a brain, found that the essence of life wasn’t around anymore so time to go walkabout. Just like the Australian Aborigines do. They don’t need a reason. Don’t give darn. Time to go babe.

The Australian Aborigines never needed a God. They had dreamtime and still do. So that all that’s left is a spirit. A soul, they say. But consisting of what.

There’s been countless trillions of Humans, come and gone. and more than seven billion still aimlessly wandering around, eating and sleeping and fornicating. and there didn’t use to be any souls. and then somebody invented one.

They all had to consist of something. Atoms. Pure energy. Something. Not likely that the same atoms of the same electrons are ever going to re-form back into the memory bank of, into the minds of , into the personality that made up Harry Williams or Maude Smith. So nobody can possibly “come back” can they. What would the neighbours say.

Of course, you could figure that every soul has a brain and a mind with all of the memories of the original human. Then a new memory bank for the next Harry or Maude. and you have to forget that Harry and Maude for the NEXT Harry and Maude. Trillions of Homo Sapiens over the centuries. That would mean another whole bunch of trillions of cells and atoms – and all of these atoms able to pass through the atoms of the Terran atmosphere as they go up to Heaven and back and back over and over and over and on and on and on. Just non-stop Trillions of souls. When there didn’t used to be any of them. It’s enough to make you think — I hope.

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