Beam Me Up Scotty


Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water……..
This is how the “Beam me up Scotty” scenario of the Star Ship Enterprise works:
People who are old enough to remember when that TV show was on, may have wondered how on earth did the wall open up so that a doorway would be there to walk through.
That was all “Science Fiction” in those days.
Now it’s normal that there’s a photo beam interupted by a person and that broken beam turns the power on to an electric motor that turns a cog wheel that pulls the cord that slides the door open. Easy as.

Not much more involved by today’s science, is the inter-galactic transfer of a selected group of atoms:

Simply (!) focus on the atomic structure of the Captain’s body with the latest model of today’s smart phone or Android Tablet, create a URL pattern of that atomic structure, transfer it to and/or through the latest equivalent of Service Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Cloud, Live Stream or whatever else you’ll have going.
Then using the good old fashioned stand-by (copy’n’paste) from the early years of this century (2018), to the identified place in whatever universe (Google Earth, Google Universe) and re-assemble the URL back into the original (saved) structure, and print the whole thing out with a virtual 3D printer. Easy as.

For saftey’s sake, you would hardly need to send out the original.

It could be suggested that THAT technology is not so far away from current (2018) technology as the original “brick” mobile/cell phone is from today’s latest smart phone/ Android and wi-fi and bluetooth.

But then again, it’s not that far away –  a few thousand years or so – that Homo Sapiens will have evolved its atomic structure to being of energy only.
So that it will not need to be “beamed up” anywhere, thank you.
It will just go there. Maybe after morning tea – be reasonable,  but just go there

The Two Minds

Every human, regardless of gender or racial background, is born with one brain and one mind.  That would seem to be two items.
However, both ‘items’ are divided into two sections.
But not actually in a physical sense…
The brain is a physical thing in that the top of skull can be removed to expose most of the brain, or just a flap can be opened up to expose a part of the brain that may need surgery. These operations would be normal to a brain surgeon, and have been performed for ages.
It’s been suggested that the brain, being a physical thing, is concerned mostly with causing the operation of the body parts, including the creation and movement of liquids, juices and lubrications required by the various body parts.
While it’s one object, and looks like one, the brain definitely has a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere and each have their own missions and even take turns to handle, shall we say, the daily stress chores 🙂 The two sides take turns about every 90 minutes.

More modern bio-scientists have been considering that, although centred in the brain, the mind involves itself in the whole human body at the cellular level as well as in the brain. (view Matters of the Mind).

The brain is also regarded as the home of the mind. Further information on the missions and activities of both sides  of the singular brain are explained in depth in so many other easily available books.
The mind is also of two parts. There’s the conscious mind, then there’s the well, some call it the SUBconscious mind, others call it the UNconscious mind. Both are right.
It depends on what books were read, whose courses were followed in the early stages of the learning (which is where you may be right now). I call it the subconscious mind, but don’t be concerned if you notice other people writing about the UNconscious mind. Same thing, different name.

It’s beyond repute that the workings of every mind are the engine room, the very workshop, of humanity .
Civilisation exists only in the collective human mind. There is nowhere else.

There can be only agreement with Shakespeare that:
“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

Absolutely everything the mind recieves through its inputs ( the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and intuition) is placed in the memory bank, which is in the subconscious mind.
Absolutely everything the computer recieves through its inputs (the keyboard and usb etc:), is placed in its memory bank.

The human memory bank is in the subconscious mind
The computer’s memorybank is in the computer’s hardrive.

Access to the human memorybank is available ONLY through
the conscious mind.

Access to the computer memory bank is available ONLY through
the keyboard and usb etc:

The subconscious mind and the computer hardrive contain the relevant memory banks.

Self Hypnosis


The very word hypnosis is of two parts. The hypno part is a Greek word meaning sleep. In this context though, the sleep is more of a trance state rather than a normal sleep, and the trance applies only to the conscious part of the whole mind.
This trance state is exactly the same mind state that is used in all versions of Yoga and other styles of meditation.

The point of by-passing the conscious part of the mind, by lulling it into a trance by one of the various known methods, is so that the filter or gateway aspect of the conscious mind, is taken out of the equation, so that a professional hypnotherapist, (or you as your own hypnotist), can gain direct contact with the subconscious part of your mind and alter the beliefs or habits, or do whatever else you had planned. Power napping is one use for which you’ll need direct contact with the subconscious part of your mind.
But power napping is self-hypnosis, but BEFORE the actual hypnosis, you
decide how long you’re going to be in the trance. There’s a power there.
Read my article about “Power Napping”
Another is pain control, then there’s  memory recall and many more…..

So how to actually DO it?
Firstly, Accept, no not just ‘believe’ but ACCEPT the reality that there are really two parts to your mind. Maybe visualise a huge iceberg. The visual part above the water is the conscious part, the part that’s you talking and talking back to you. The largest part of the iceberg is under the water. That’s the subconscious part of your whole mind. It seems to not so much talk to you, but THINK to you. It will show you ideas, concepts  and oh, those ahha thoughts about how to solve that problem you said you’d “sleep on.”
You said that “you’d give it some thought”and similar sayings.

But do really ‘get it’. Your subconscious mind is just stunningly clever.
But I consider that it’s more than that. I suggest in the other articles, that the subconscious mind is in connection with the universe and somehow gets these ideas  and “other stuff” ! and presents them to the conscious part of the human mind as a aha moment. As I’ve mentioned,  E = mc2  came to the conscious mind of Einstein after how many hours of mental battling with those high maths. But the battling “thinking” was done by the SUBconscious  part of his mind. I also mention that he didn’t ‘discover’ that equation.
E  ALWAYS equaled mc2.   It had to, or creation ? would not have been created !
Einstein simply (well, not simply!) discovered that E =MC2.  IT ALWAYS DID !
Anyway, that’s what we’ve got. One iceberg, two parts. One mind, two parts.

There’s been for a few decades, various standard methods of lulling – call it what you will -the conscious part of the mind into a trance and then deepening that trance and so enabling the hypnotist (or you), to access the subconscious part of the mind to do whatever needs doing.
Other short cuts have been found to attain instant access to the subconscious mind without the sometimes long procedure of calming relaxation words.

For instance, it’s been known for years that ALL the memories of a human’s life are in the subconscious part of the mind EXACTLY like all the files and memories of a computer are in its hardrive,  and asking something simple such as “what did you have for breakfast this morning” will take the hypnotisee directly into the memory bank which is known to be in the subconscious. To answer ANY question, you HAVE to move into your subconscious mind, because that’s the only place the answers (memories) are – and the conscious mind has been bypassed every time and therefore ‘hypnotised’. The hypnotisee (you) by-passed your conscious mind ie, put it
into a kind of trance so that you could access your subconscious mind.
So that you were the hypnotist and the hypnotisee. That’s self-hypnosis.
But be aware that during everyday conversation, a human can’t keep going into an eyes-closed trance scenario, so  ‘chatting’ about today’s subjects are not from deeply engrained memories. If one needs to discuss ‘at length’ more meaningful subjects, then one needs to “think about that one”

All this happens so fast. Thoughts are electrons. Read more about this in
the article “Matters of the mind”
But that ‘simple’ method is for later on. We’re talking here about SELF hypnosis.
For a start, do this :
Find somewhere that you will not be disturbed for maybe 30 minutes.         Yes, that means by your lovely family or flatmates or that mobile/cell phone.
Look up at the ceiling and find a spot. Maybe a light fitting. Whatever.

Focus on it a bit and at the same time, imagine that you’re soon going to close your eyes, and keep looking at the mark until you’ll  just close your eyes.
Once your eyes are closed, you’re in a different world. You’re on your own.
Especially when you’re AWARE of what you’re doing.

Simply start thinking – imagining – what it would be like to relax.
You’ll probably find yourself just doing it. Imagine your arms getting a bit heavier, just flopping down onto your lap. Try imagining moving around inside your skin, maybe inside your legs…no, not in between them, but inside them. That’s where you’re wandering around…inside your skin and you can gradually get used to wandering around inside there and relaxing the various body parts. A bit like starting to go to sleep at night except that you’ll be aware of what you’re doing – and you won’t actually be going to sleep, but just relaxing off, kind of awake but so relaxed….. Maybe wander up to where you imagine your subconscious mind could be- and when in this trance, you’ll still be ‘not asleep’ ! still be able to hear things around you.
If you have a problem with smoking, imagine -picture it…being a non-smoker. Get a video going in your mind-just IMAGINE this, about someone offering you a ciggy and you say no because you’re a non-smoker. You’ll need to do this several times (over several days) because you’re in your subconscious
mind changing that belief in there and you’ll start to ‘see’ your self as a non smoker.
Maybe you’ve got something else you’d like to start – or stop – doing.

Imagine the scenario in your mind. This is all self-hypnosis.
After a few times of doing this – using self-hypnosis – you’ll be able to do it almost anywhere, and just for a minute or so if you want to.
Maybe sitting in a bus or train .
I relaxed off for a few moments in a Laundromat, waiting for the machine to finish. I did it in a Doctor’s waiting room. As soon as the doctor called my name, I snapped out of it, opened my eyes and felt just that bit refreshed by having had those few moments of total relax. If you have a program that you’re going into self-hypnosis for, eg: you decide to reinforce or maybe alter a habit – then I would wait until I was at home and not going to be disturbed by anything. But for a simple open ended quick relax, (a light short power nap for instance), then close your eyes, relax and away you go, ready to return in a split second like I do when the doctor or someone calls my name. No worries.
Remember that a power nap is self-hypnosis applied when you have a definite time that you need to wake.

What actually happens, what the actual method of you ‘contacting’ your own subconscious mind is, is that you ‘think’ the question or suggestion to your subconscious mind. It could seem that you ‘imagine’ the question or thought towards what you imagine to be to your subconscious mind. You might feel a bit silly the first few times…but don’t worry. Nobody can hear you  🙂

When you’ve had enough, simply think to yourself, that you’ll count to three, all the time feeling great and nice and relaxed, and that when you’ve reached three, your eyes will open up and you’ll feel fabulous. That’s what will happen.
It may well take a couple of times to get used to what you’ve been doing all the time

Other times:
You kind of imagine a conversation with your subconscious mind when you’re trying to remember something. You KNOW the memory is there.        You think to yourself “it’s on the tip of my tongue” or you say to yourself       “I’ll think of it in a minute” As you know, it does sometimes take a short while for you to recall the memory. (from the memory bank in your subconscious mind) but all of a sudden, the word or phrase will almost be thrown into your conscious mind !. Later on in life (unless you’re already there !) you’ll ‘know’ basically the type of thing you were trying to remember, but you can’t recall that exact word or knowledge. That’s known as dementia. woops.

If you wander around this “Howthemindworks” site, you’ll find other articles about self-hypnosis. There’s even a free five-day course on self-hypnosis. Read them to see the different attitudes and approaches on the same subject and choose the one that presses the most buttons for you.
Or pick out the most suitable parts and make up your own compilation.
Remember, every time you ‘come to’ and realise you’ve been ‘wandering off’ — that’s self hypnosis. There’s no such thing as “can’t be hypnotised”

Power Nap

Power Nap

Two words here. Let’s start with the nap word first. You’ve done your morning’s work, whatever ‘work’ means to you. Then it was time for lunch and just after lunch, it’s nice to continue the break and have a bit of a snooze. In Mexico, it’s known as a ‘siesta’.
Tip the sombrero down over the eyes and doze off .
In Western cultures and the big cities, it doesn’t quite work like that. It’s rush down to the sandwich bar, grab the food, rush back to the office then sit around for the few minutes before it’s back to work. Any thought of a quick snooze is tempting, but there’s the concern that you may fall asleep and even be too groggy to work properly after waking up from that sleep.
Here’s the answer: I’ve been using this for decades and so have millions of others world wide.
It’s known as Power Nap. It’s definately a system and you must follow simple but mandatory steps, or you may fall properly to sleep and not wake up until your body has had enough of the usual sleep !
So stop messing around and figure sensibly just how much time you’ve got.
This is not a casual snooze. It’s power nap. Let’s say you’ve got 20 minutes.
You can have a 15 minute nap which gives you 5 minutes to get back to your
work desk or whatever. Or do those maths anyway you want.

So you’re sitting in your chair or your car seat or even your couch at home.
It’s quite ok to rest your hands in your lap and just drop your head forward.
You can even lie on your bed if you’re at home. It doesn’t matter.
The following part is mandatory. You have just 15 minutes and then you have to wake up. Maybe you’ve got 20 or even 30 minutes. It doesn’tmatter, but you must know how many minutes before you need to wake.
Obviously, you need a timepiece.

A watch, a clock, a mobile/cell phone so that you know the time NOW when you start.
You look at the watch. It reads say 16 minutes to one. and you’ve got 15 minutes to nap so you need to wake at one minute to one. And you will. That’s how exact this scene is.
This is hard-core self-hypnosis. You really have to get it into your mind that it’s NOW 16 minutes to one and you have to wake up at one minute to one. Really look at the watch and kind of talk strongly to yourself. Get the two times – the time it is NOW and the time you need to wake up. GOT IT ?
Imagine going right TO SLEEP as soon as you close your eyes. Then shut your eyes BANG and Go down. Just drop right off. Let go. Just let the body flop ! There’s no chance that you’ll fall !  🙂

All this may be so unusual to your routine. Would be best to try it out at home until you get used to the feeling. The weirdest thing I found the first few times, is that I actually woke up at the EXACT time I said I would. For the first times after I’d “fallen asleep” and then ‘woken up’ I thought it hadn’t worked, but I quickly checked and yes, it was EXACTLY the amount of minutes I had told myself (my subconscious mind) to wake up.
You will wake up and just snap out of it. No yawning or sleepy stuff.

There’s an exact scientific reason for all this. It’s in the Quantums and is mentioned in other articles/blogs on this site:
The human body consists of about 50 Trillion cells.
Each cell consists of so many molecules and they in turn are made up of so many atoms. These atoms also consist of even smaller particles, protons, quarks etc: but what we’re interested in, is that each atom is of matter but also (in another dimension), of energy, and that energy is the very essence of the universe/s. Which means that every atom is OF the universe and therefore so are we. The religions are somewhat correct at burial when they say “Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes”.

What’s that got to do with Power Napping ? We are OF the universe and we are operating on universal inter-galatic time. So when we tell our own subconscious mind to wake us up at that EXACT time – that’s what happens. Don’t believe it? Neither did I.
Just wait until you’ve done this a few times. It’s scary. But I’ve used it for decades under many situations. It NEVER fails. Unless you forget to get those EXACT times into your mind. You can’t believe how safe you are.
This whole business of self-hypnosis and power napping does take a couple or more times to realise that it’s actually true and can be trusted. All humans do it all the time, but this time, we’re doing it and being AWARE of it.
Next time you tie your shoelaces up, STOP for a moment and THINK about how to actually tie your shoelaces up.
You may have to remember it all again. It’s become a habit.

When I’ve tested things like that for my own academic interest, I often give up THINKING about it and go back to the ingrained habit.  🙂

Do really understand that there’s self-hypnosis and there’s Power Napping.
Self-hypnosis is a more relaxed scene with no time limits about when you need to wake up. Power Napping is where there’s a more formal time limit. You will wake up exactly when you decide to.
And if you haven’t done the “look at the clock” bit, you’ll just continue on in the trance, maybe then drift into normal sleep and wake up when your body has had enough sleep. Just like normal. Serve you right for not following the routine !  🙂


Other matters of the mind:

All beliefs can be only in the subconscious mind of human beings. There is just no other place in the human body for beliefs to be. No human beings can have any beliefs or attitudes or knowledge about anything at all until after they are born and have been around long enough to have experienced life events and have seen and heard about enough other events, to have gained some attitudes about life. So beliefs are not Human Givens (given by Mother Nature). They are add-ons. It could be said that humans consist of two basics.
They are Human Givens (before birth), and add-ons. (After birth)

Beliefs are installed in the subconscious mind (after birth), mostly by parents and other grown-ups including the general public culture of whatever tribe or country the child grows up in. These beliefs could be regarded as add-ons.
Many beliefs are so deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, that they deny every consideration of facts or truths.
Humans of every race have been known to slaughter any and every other human that doesn’t agree with their particular belief. Proof? For thousands of years, billions of humans have been slaughtered because one or maybe a few more, had this or that belief installed in their mind by another human being or maybe sometimes by merely reading a book.
Right now you, dear reader, have an attitude about me – even though you don’t know me – simply because I’m writing things that are in agreance or disagreance with beliefs that were installed into your mind by another human being. During the French Revolution, tens of thousands of French people were beheaded (via the guillotine), by their own French people because they had this belief or that.
The Muslim Quran demands that all believers must behead all non-believers because of a different mind-set whilst the Roman Catholic Church is at least as brain-dead because in its early days and during the Inquisition, it burned thousands of people alive, again simply because of a differing mind-set – a different belief.
It’s also correct to point the finger at the Nazis, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the American atom bomb dropper.
So that murdering people because their beliefs are different, is not restricted to any section of the human race.

Most of we humans are out and out cold-blooded murderers where self-preservation (even of the ego) is concerned. It’s wired into us by evolution.
You believe that tomato sauce is better than barbeque sauce?
That’s a belief different to mine.  OFF WITH YOUR HEAD !!
So much for beliefs !!

Beliefs are like pork sausages lined up on a b-b-q plate. Even the sound of the word ‘pork’ will cause a freak-out in the (subconscious) of millions of otherwise normal wonderful humans, simply because another human being told them that a certain animal is this or that – and the other human being is usually only repeating those words from previous generations.
If you ‘believe’ those sayings about that animal (that were told to you by another human being),  are you also going to continue to believe the fabulous but childish beliefs in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy – and don’t forget that the world is flat ! 

Beliefs are like pork sausages lined up on a b-b-q plate. Even the sound of the word ‘pork’ will cause a freak-out in the (subconscious) of millions of otherwise normal wonderful humans, simply because another human being told them that a certain animal is this or that – and the other human being is usually only repeating those words from previous generations.
If you ‘believe’ those sayings about that animal (that were told to you by another human being),  are you also going to continue to believe the fabulous but childish beliefs in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy – and don’t forget that the world is flat ! 

Beliefs are like pork sausages lined up on a b-b-q plate. Even the sound of the word ‘pork’ will cause a freak-out in the (subconscious) of millions of otherwise normal wonderful humans, simply because another human being told them that a certain animal is this or that – and the other human being is usually only repeating those words from previous generations.
If you ‘believe’ those sayings about that animal (that were told to you by another human being),  are you also going to continue to believe the fabulous but childish beliefs in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy – and don’t forget that the world is flat !  🙂

Then there’s the 3000 ‘only’ gods that we individually believe in, the belief that the toilet roll should go over (or under), the belief about the best car, the best TV show, your political beliefs, your racial beliefs, all the different beliefs
which were all installed in your subconscious mind after birth, (because you didn’t know anything about them before your birth did you?).
Most of them relating to the culture that you were born into or brought up in.

Very many of these beliefs can be changed, depending partly on how deeply entrenched they are in your subconscious mind and by the experience of the hypnotherapist. Only hypnotherapy can change beliefs.
The Roman Catholic Church is well aware of, and uses, hypnosis – especially when someone ‘believes’ in another faith and has to have that belief changed to ‘believe’ in the Catholic faith, so that they can marry a person who ‘believes’ in the Catholic faith.

Then There’s The Soul

Then There’s The Soul.

Firstly, any knowledge of a soul has to be made known to a human through the usual inputs. No ifs or buts.
Babies do not know about the soul on the day they’re born.
We are told about the soul by other humans.
We are told by words. We can read about it, or watch movies/documentaries about it.
So many humans have had experiences, happenings, that could be prescribed only to the unnatural.
So many ghosts have been seen, noises been heard, events occuring that can’t be explained in the normal world.
Google the word ‘soul’ and many concepts are forwarded.
Nobody really knows. Until Death gets it done.

These are all concepts and beliefs in other peoples’ minds and we already know that the human mind can be influenced in many ways.
We know for sure, that not all beliefs can be ..UM… believed.
The soul is not connected at all in the mind or brain.
It can’t be felt or even sensed in the body.
What we can do is consider the situation from a factual point of view, and even then …

For anything to exist in the universe(s), it has to be either of matter or of energy. The soul has to be an either/or.
It’s surely sensible that if something – in this case, the soul – exists in matter or even just as energy, the atoms have to take up space, and every soul HAS to reside within the skin of its owner. But a soul has not so far ever been identified has having any particular space in the body.

Has anybody, of any medical profession or any of the many religions down through the ages, made the definate statement that “the heart is here, the lungs are here, and in this space in the back here, is where the soul is.”

Not in any, not in even one of the ancient writings or any of the thousands of religions, has the soul been assigned a place in the human body.
Maybe someone would say “oh it’s all through the body” . It may or may not  exist, but if it DOES exist, the soul has to be if not of matter, then at least of energy, and it has to take up SOME space, even in the atomic world, and is it the same size/shape of its owner’s body. Lots of questions. Even during an out-of-body experience, floating up to the ceiling or whatever, it still has to consist of some kind of atomic structure – just to be SEEN.
When Homo Sapiens has evolved to the point of existing as pure energy and that human mind-energy expands across the many universes, WITHOUT ITS BODY, what of the soul then..           Sorry about that god.

It goes further…If we assume that Jesus truly existed, it goes that his body had to consist of  50 Trillion cells that were made up of atoms and when he died, the atoms still existed, even though the cells were dead or dying, and it’s in the Bible that he rose to the heavens, but the atoms of his 50 Trillion cells all had to rise (against the pull of gravity) and pass through the atmosphere of H2O. This is written with absolute respect towards the faiths and this is entirely relevant to the scientific question of what is the atomic structure of the human soul – especially when Homo Sapiens evolves to become an inter-galactic existance of pure energy.

When Homo Sapiens first evolved, at what stage of that evolution, did He evolve from being an ‘animal’ to being a human, and presumably warrant a soul. Where was the line in the sand.
Was it when the conscious mind evolved – and how far did the conscious mind have to evolve until it KNEW it had/was a conscious mind and that it was AWARE that it was AWARE.
This could be an important thought, because creation is not AWARE.
It’s almost enough to make you think – I hope.

ESP vs Verbal Communication


It’s interesting that Homo Sapiens has achieved so much, considering the limited means of letting other beings of the same race (the human race of course) know what you’re thinking or planning or have in mind – which are all versions of thinking of course.
Let’s consider how a human being lets another human being know what his/her thoughts are – about anything/everything, at any time of the day or night.

Let’s forgo the usual answer for a moment and look at the challenges:

You’ve got this thought in your mind (where else). It could be about just anything. The content, the message etc: of the thought is irrelevant. You need to move/copy the thought from your mind into the mind of another human being. Not just move or copy it. But do it so that the reciever understands it.
That would be regarded as successful communication.
Never mind the means for the moment.

If you’re going to use the same old, same old antiquated stand-by method of actually talking to them, then straight away, there’s a challenge.
Which particular language will you choose to use ?

There was no problem back in the days – the era – when humans first started talking. It’s said that it started in South Africa, and there was only one language. But that was a while ago (about two million years – give or take a few), and that’s grown to some 6 thousand languages and the various accents of each of those languages. OK. Let’s stop being a smarty and accept that talking is one method of communication. Right. What else do we have.

There’s sign language, that deaf and dumb people use.
Not bad, but not really acceptable. For a start, it still uses words and you come back to the original challenge about which (of the six thousand) languages do you choose.

There’s body language. Not even nearly expressive enough and deals mostly with the emotions.
Another method of communication is writing. But apart from the same ‘which language’ challenge, it simply takes too long (lacks in instant exchange), it just doesn’t have the tonal expression, and arouses emotions in the reader entirely according to the level of grammar that the reader has
(or hasn’t) been exposed to. Gee, that’s almost a catty remark, but let’s push on..

Hmmm. So all we’ve really got is ESP or verbal communication.

Let’s investigate ESP first. It stands for Extra Sensory Perception.
A variation of mind reading.
Which is kind of one mind connecting with another – without anything in between such as smart phones or radio waves or “any stuff like that” !
No ghosts, no spiritual stuff at all.

OK, so let’s focus on the definition:
We’re looking for two minds (at least), that are connecting with each other with exactly the same connectivity, the same instant continuous rapport as normal verbal ‘chatting’. It starts when the two minds decide to, and stops when the two minds decide to; exactly as in normal old-fashioned talking.
As in back in the 21st Century (2000+).

Oh. But how is this going to be done. It looks a lot more involved than a cricket match or a bingo game or even keeping up with the meat raffle down at the club….Oh OK. Let’s wander in to the Quantums for a bit.
Have a read of my article “Matters of the Mind”. on this site.
What we’ve got to do, is to move, copy or send a ‘thought’ from the mind of one human across to the mind of another human – and also be able to recieve a ‘thought’ from another human.
Here’s how it’s done: Are you sitting down?

It was mentioned in the article “Matters of the Mind” that a thought consists of electrons-but moving electrons. OK. An electron consists of atoms and therefore is of matter and energy, and energy is the essence of the universe.
The electrons (that the mind consists of) have never morphed into cells and then maybe into a solid item as per a brain or some such.
They’ve stayed as the mind which I suggest is not a solid.
You are reminded that other atoms (apart from the mind) have morphed into cells, and your body consists of 50 trillion cells.

So what you’ve got to do is get the energy part of the electrons of your mind and morph it (through the part of the universe that’s between you and the human you’re sending the message to)….. to the energy part of the electrons (the mind) of the human to whom you’re sending your message to.
Put this another way:

The electrons are a thought (in your mind). You need to send the energy of these electrons that are YOUR thoughts, across to the energy part of the electrons – that are the thoughts of the other human.
The atoms of all the electrons are made of matter and energy.

Go deeper… You are not sending thoughts. You are sending what the thoughts are made of – the energy of electrons. The fact that those electrons are your thoughts are almost beside the point. You are sending the energy of the atoms of the electrons.
You must realise that you are sending only the energy of the atoms, NOT the matter of the atoms of the electrons.
When I mention “through the universe” I mean maybe only a couple of feet. How close to you is the other human? Would it matter if it were a thousand miles? It won’t in a thousand years’ time.
How about in five hundred years ?  BEAM ME UP SCOTTY.

So how are you going to send the energy of the electrons through the H2O atoms (which is the atmosphere!) in between you and the other human?
How would I know? Ask your 4 year-old grandaughter. She will probably know – and for sure HER grandaughter will know. Problem about that?
How long ago was is that the human race had never heard of a smart phone. 20/30 years?
How many current 10 year-olds have never even SEEN a dial phone.

As I mention in TowardstheFuture…

So much for ESP….. Verbal communication is in the next article.

Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication

Casual chat, casual communication. Everyday stuff.
“Weather not bad. Bit warm, but no rain. Just great”.
This is normal conversation amongst the 7 billion plus humans around the planet. Easy as.
But just a minute. What’s really going on. What’s really happening ?

The above message is simple chat. Some messages involve deadly cries for assistance.
All verbal messages are conveyed the same way from one human to another.
This is not about the content, but the conveyance system. Let’s focus….

We have a message, a thought in the subconscious mind of the ‘sender’,
and it needs to sent somehow ‘across’ to the mind of the ‘reciever’.
It’s been discussed in other articles (blogs), that a human thought consists of electrons and that these electrons consist of atoms that are part matter and part energy.

If the message is going to be conveyed via esp, the system would probably have to involve the energy part of the electron atom being sent through the universe that’s in between the sender and reciever, which may be only a couple or a few feet. Also to keep in mind is that the ‘universe’ between the two people consists of the atmosphere in the room, the atmosphere being of H2O, the normal breathable stuff that humans survive in. But it’s still the universe. The humans are still the universe. Nothing more than a collection of atoms that also consist of quarks and protons and……but let’s not digress.

Homo Sapiens have not yet evolved to where we can ‘send’ electrons (thoughts) to another mind. (known as Telepathy).
We’ll have to make do with verbal communication for a while.
At least until the end of the year.  I didn’t mention which year.

So we have to blow wind across our vocal chords, and they have to be vibrated at certain frequencies and tones according to whatever word (sound) that we need for that part of the message.
The wind that we blow across the chords has to be at a level of force depending on whether we are shouting or whispering, and we need to activate (or stretch) the particular vocal chord that’s able to vibrate at the frequency (treble or bass) that the message needs. Especially if we’re singing.

All the above would seem to need an hour or more to get organised.
It actually takes a nano second. Maybe not even that. Especially for the amateurs, the untrained (same thing). Most people just start talking.

But the electrons that are the thought, have to get into the brain (which is NOT the same as the mind), and cause the brain to change the thought (electron atoms) into the wind – the breath – that is also made of atoms and get the lungs to blow that breath across the vocal chords, and they are some of the 50 trillion cells that a human is made of, and the cells are of course made of atoms. So the chords are now vibrating the breath which is the atmosphere, which is also made of atoms (probably H2O), and these vibrated atoms (of the breath), are now passing by the tongue and then finally the lips.

So far, no sound has come out of the sender’s face.
The atoms of the thought electrons have passed through the brain, have somehow become the atoms of the H2O which are being vibrated by the vocal chords, and this edited by the tongue and the lips to create the required vowel sound – for the reciever’s mind to pattern match !
It’s then being forced out of the mouth and across the space to the reciever through the atmosphere that is also H2O.

But think about this part: The H2O is being blown by the lungs over the vocal chords and then up through and out the mouth, and it’s vibrating according to the frequency (treble or bass) that you’ve chosen. If you’re singing and you have a tremolo on your presentation, those H2O atoms with the chosen frequency vibration plus the tremolo, are being blown through the static H2O atoms of the atmosphere between the sender (you) and the reciever, and still have to arrive at the outer eardrums of the reciever with the same tremolo and frequency that they left the sender’s lips.

While we’re in the same area: If the vibrating atoms are being forced through the static atmosphere H2O atoms, where are the static atoms going?
Maybe moved aside at speed, like a tornado passing through – and this is with only one human chatting. In an auditorium of 10 thousand humans all chatting at the same time, the mind boggles.

But wait. There’s more… The message has so far reached only the eardrum of the receiver.
From there, the H2O atoms are hitting the eardrums which on the inside of the eardrum, create an electronic signal, which means that the H2O atoms have had to expend their energy to move the eardrum in exactly the same way as a microphone being activated by a sound and move to create the electronic signal which then goes to a PA amplifier.
With the human eardrum, the inside signal – created by the eardrum, and changed into an electrical signal –  goes to the brain which sends it to the conscious mind, which of course has to pattern match it, and with the subconscious mind, work out what the message means.

Going back to the auditorium with 10 thousand humans all chatting at the same time, there would be quite a lot of electron movement going on.
Any outer-galactic alien race focussing their listening beams on Terra (planet Earth) would wonder what on earth (pardon the pun) was going on, with over 7 billion humans all talking at the same time.
That’s not counting the TV sets, the mobile/cell phones, radios, and tablets, all on a non-stop basis.

No wonder there’s not been so many reports of ‘messages from god’ for a couple of millenia.
He’s probably given up trying. I mean what do you think he is.
God or something……

After The Ball Is Over


You’ve been hanging around this planet and dimension for how long this time.
Time to back the bags, woops, only one bag allowed on the plane, so what have you got. If you’ve been around long enough, you would have seen skeletons and empty skulls, you know, documentaries of ancient Egyptian sites, the holocaust, Pol Pot and so on.

It’s obvious that “after the ball is over”, the flesh is only going to stay on the bones for a while, what, maybe fifty years?
But just a minute. It might be ok for the legs to go, just the shin bones and thigh bones left and then there’s the arms and well, if the internal organs, you know, the kidneys and liver and so on rot away, that would be the end of any stomach troubles.

But wait a minute, the grim reaper’s into the head too, and there’s the cheeks and the tongue gone, and oh dear. The brain…

Hey hold on… where’s all the other stuff gone?
Look, you’ve been put in the coffin, or maybe you thought you had too many problems with that body, so burn it and there’s only ashes left just like the religions said.
But the brain is only flesh too. So that’s gone. But what about the mind. Oh.
That’s where all your memories are…or were.

It’s kind of like your computer’s crashed, the hard drive’s been wiped and all the files and programs and receipts and addresses, everything. Just gone.

It’s been mentioned before, here and other places. The human brain is exactly like the computer hard drive. It can be wiped. Easily. All you need is, Dementia, Alzimae, a couple of others and of course, death.
But worse than that. The brain’s only cells, made up of atoms and just like the rest of the body cells and atoms, they’ve moved away. They call it rotting, but it’s more like the atoms just move elsewhere in the universe apart from your body. But then there’s nowhere for the mind to go.

Frankly, the mind hasn’t got too much physical substance.
Just a bit of electricity with nowhere to go except around in your head, and when the brain’s gone to other parts of the universe along with the rest of your flesh, where’s the mind going to hang out. The atoms of the electrons that were your mind, are just going to have to break up the old gang with all those memories of the good times and the bad times and, there you are.
All gone.

But it can’t just … GO!
Like, where’s it GONE?
ok, back to the Quantums…

We’ve accepted (for now) that there’s 50 Trillion cells in the body, and each cell consists of the atoms which are made up of quarks and protons, but what we’re interested in is the matter and the energy. Especially the energy.

At this stage of our evolution, we assume that everything IS the universe, and the brain is just a bunch of these cells and god’s mum, (Mother Nature), found the brain a handy place to get a mind going, like, connect a hard drive memory bank in there, same as in a computer.
But after death, the brain-flesh rots away. Let’s be nice. The atoms that had configured themselves into being a brain, decided that the essence of life wasn’t around anymore, so time to go walk-about,
just like the Australian Aborigines do.
They don’t need a reason, don’t give a darn. Time to go babe.
The Australian Aborigines never needed a god.
They had dreamtime, and still do.

So all that’s left is a spirit, a soul, they say. But consisting of what?

There’s been countless billions of humans  come and gone, and more than seven billion still on the planet. But there didn’t used to be any souls, and they all had to start somewhere, they all have to consist of something, atoms, pure energy. Something.

Not likely that the same atoms of the same electrons are ever going to re-form back into the memory-bank, into the minds, into the personality that made up Harry Williams or Maude Smith. So nobody can possibly ‘come back’ . Can they?

Of course you could figure that every soul has a brain and a mind with all the memories of the original human. TRILLIONS of human beings over the centuries.
That would mean another whole bunch of trillions of cells and electrons – and all of these atoms able to pass through the the atoms of the Terran atmosphere. and on and on and on…

It’s enough to make you think – I hope.