About This Site – This is The Second Post

It must be noted that this site has been copywrited on an International Basis
Any copying of any kind will be dealt with in the relevant courts.

This site is about what different parts of the mind there are, how they interact with each other, how they interact with the brain, and what effect the parts have on their surroundings – their surroundings being mainly the human of which they are a part, but also the universe of which they are provably a part.
This last interaction being highly relevant when mentioned in the article about Power Napping.

While this site discusses how the mind works, it also shows what the ‘working’ mind actually does. Some articles show how the mind can be accessed, how the information eg: beliefs, attitudes etc: can be removed or altered.
Other articles show how this knowledge has been used for human benefit.
Some true stories have been included to indicate just that.

Some of the statements/concepts are original.
Some are enhanced (updated) knowledge from other peoples’ writing

Of course, some of the knowledge may be shown in the future to be misguided by current knowledge, and will be altered in the face of new discoveries. It’s necessary for humans to write their history and knowledge down so that future generations can have something to work from – a basis from which to  compare and enhance their own new discoveries.

If this website does nothing more than re-affirm the reader’s beliefs, maybe even arouse new aha moments, new concepts, and lead to higher knowledge, it will have been worth the creation.

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