Become a Non-Smoker

One of the biggest challenges of civilisation is to “give up smoking”
also known as “stop smoking”. The subconscious mind will reject both of those statements, requests, wishes, demands, call them what you will.          No tablets, pills, lotions and the like, will  ever ‘stop’ you smoking except by default – more on that in a moment. Patches and other similar PHYSICAL things will also not work except by default. “But.. but.. I used the patches and they worked” you say. “I took those tablets and I haven’t smoked since” you say. I said  BY DEFAULT.      Worry worry…
You see, any of the PHYSICAL  “cures’ were really placebos.  Smoking is a habit. ALL habits can only be in your subconscious mind. The only way that the smoking habit in your subconscious mind can be changed, is to get into your subconscious mind and change it !  Sounds sensible  🙂 The habit is in your subconscious mind and NOWHERE ELSE. Putting sticky plaster on your arm, or sucking on a pretend plastic cigarette is not going to change a mind habit !!

Sometimes, a conscious mind can get SO intent, and you (it) keep on repeating the need to stop smoking, that it finally can get through to your subconscious mind and – you just stop.
This is a kind of sneaky self-hypnosis even if you have no idea about hypnosis or the mind. People that this happens to, may shrug their shoulders and say  “I just made up my mind to stop”  Yeah. right-o.
At least they didn’t say that they had made up their toe or elbow to stop !. Itsallinthemind 🙂

I hope you can agree that you ‘have the smoking habit’. So you could also agree that smoking is a habit. eg: when you feel like a smoke, you light up by habit. That’s cool . Nothing wrong with that. It’s a habit. So what.
UM…… you probably have other habits, many of them are beneficial, some may not be so good. OK, you can handle that, but where are these habits?
Is it reasonable to suggest that they’re in your mind? and in your subconscious mind too, where all your beliefs and habits are kept.

Your subconscious mind resists all change, and be assured, your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind.           Your conscious mind is the one that is wishing and hoping and making statements about how you’re going to ‘give up smoking’                                Which you never do because the habit is in your subconscious mind!

Your conscious mind can’t change/alter or remove the ‘smoking habit’.        The habit is not in your conscious mind, it’s in your subconscious mind.      The only thing you can do is to bypass the conscious mind, (using hypnosis) get into your subconscious mind (where the habit is) and carefully alter the smoking belief/habit that’s been in your subconscious mind all this time.          You need to alter the belief so that you ‘see‘ yourself as a non-smoker!
Previously, you’ve been ‘seeing’ yourself as a smoker, thereby having the belief that you’re a smoker – which you are now going to change !

The cunning beauty of this new attitude, this new belief, (that you changed in hypnosis) is that you don’t actually ‘give up’ smoking’, you don’t actually STOP smoking, so you’re not taking anything away from yourself.
Your subconscious mind can’t get all ego-trippy and try and stop this “stop smoking” caper that you’re going for.
You see, you still have the right to smoke, you can still smoke if you want to.
But, well, you kind of don’t  light up because , well, you just don’t want to anymore. You’re a non-smoker. You used to be, but you’re not anymore:-)

But how do I get into my subconscious mind and do all that stuff?, you ask.
The article about ‘Self Hypnosis’ will show you that. There’s also more info on this site. Or you can visit a Clinical Hypnotherapist. One visit is usually all you need. Going into your subconscious mind may uncover a real reason for taking up the habit. But that’s another story.

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