Pattern Matching

Every animal, including human animals, needs to be totally and constantly aware of its immediate surroundings. Going right back to the cave-man era, the human had to be constantly alert for attack by animals. There needed to be immediate recognition of any percieved dangers.
Was the approaching animal dangerous? Could it be beaten in a fight? If not, could it be outrun?
This is the well-known “fight or flight” syndrome. One of the causes of today’s stress.

We don’t have any wild beasts roaming today’s city streets, but our “fight or flight” syndrome is still triggered by our modern concept of personal danger. It’s suggested that our modern society is by far more stressful than any primevil jungle !

The possible danger signals come to us through our normal inputs ie: sight, hearing and smell, and is quickly! passed to the subconscious mind, which checks through its memory bank to try and get a PATTERN MATCH of the incoming signals to see if they represent possible danger. A decision is then made to stand and fight, or to run out of danger’s way.
But the mind has other uses for pattern matching, one of which would be communication.

Humans communicate with each other by verbal means (talking)
and by sign language specifically for deaf/dumb people
and for just being rude to others. (middle finger!)
But also for field sports eg: cricket and baseball,
and also for silent communication in military action.
Let’s focus on simple everyday talking. Hopefully, you’ve seen that ALL memories of every type, have been saved in the human subconscious.

That means memories relating to your own personal health events, eg: how often you do (or don’t) catch a cold, what physical injuries have you had, and when did you have that (or those) stroke/s, and just everything about your body, gender irrelevant.

But we’re focussing on talking. Which means words. When you started being taught your first language as a child, you had to remember literally every word. Normally, the first word would be “mama” perhaps followed by “dada” and so on. Each and every word is just a sound, and every sound had to be remembered by your subconscious mind. Thousands of them. Just different sounds, each sound being a word.

The subconscious mind also has the ability to create – let’s call them – mind pictures. When the mind hears the sound “mama”, up would come the picture of your mum. If she died say 20 years ago, up would come the picture of her as you last saw her. The thought here, is that the memory has been ‘sitting’ in your subconscious mind for more than twenty years – if she’s not been mentioned before.
Even if you hear the sound “mother” the same picture will come up in your mind – the memory bank in your subconscious mind will pattern match of your mum to both “Mother” amd “mama”

When your conscious mind hears the sound, “mother” , it ‘sends it back’ to the subconscious mind which then zots that sound right through its memory bank to check if there’s a similar ‘pattern’ to that sound. There’s your “Pattern Matching”. This applies to all words and events. Bar none.

It’s exactly the same if your mum hadn’t died, and you saw her at breakfast this morning. When your conscious mind hears the sound “mother”, it still has to get your subconscious mind to do the pattern match, and up comes the picture of your mum as you last saw her – at breakfast this morning!

Another pattern match:
So you hear the english word MOON. Your subconscious mind matches that sound up with the moon.
Up comes a picture of the moon, and you (your mind!) knows exactly what the speaker is meaning.
BUT If you hear the sound “LUNE” , your sub-conscious mind will not be able to find a pattern match for the sound LUNE, so it will mean nothing to you. Because the speaker is a French person and is speaking French and the French sound/word of LUNE is the English word/sound MOON.
HE would ‘see’ a picture of the moon, but non-French speaking people wouldn’t
You could go further. If the French person speaks French and English. both word/sounds would bring up the picture of the moon – in his mind anyway !

The sub mind has to pattern EVERY word! or you would not be able to connect the words up. This has to mean that both your minds HAVE to be in 24/7 instant connection with each other. Which also means that the hypnotherapist has only to ask a question of the past and that gets him into your sub mind, and that’s hypnosis! which then has only to be deepened and focussed on what he wants to alter in your mind….
Just different levels of hypnosis.

The mind doesn’t ‘pattern match’ just words, but everything else.
You see by the two examples of pattern matching, that as soon as you start THINKING about other things (apart from what’s happening right at the present moment), you’re moving away from the conscious world (your conscious mind). When you start watching a TV show, you move away from your present world and into the story on the TV. Which means out of your conscious mind, into your subconscious mind. Now you’ve realised this, you know you can simply start thinking about another place or even another scenario or event, and your subconscious mind will pattern match what you’re thinking and subconsciously ‘take’ you there – EXACTLY the same as when you follow the story on the TV !
We humans are a weird lot 🙂  – I resemble that remark 🙂

When you consider the instant communication between your two minds, it means that the hypnotherapist – or you if you’re using self-hypnosis – can instantly access your subconscious mind simply by THINKING of somewhere else. Once you’re aware that you’re ‘somewhere else’, you can stay there by continuing to think about that other place – just like you stay in the TV story or the movie. You may need to practise this a bit. I repeat – you do it by keep on thinking about that ‘other place’ You’ll get used to it.

Pattern Matching is necessary , even mandatory, throughout every facet of your life. You want to tie up your shoe laces? You have to (you DO!) move from your conscious mind into your subconscious to remember how to do that-and every time too!  Even if you do it “without thinking about it”  But of course, you DO ‘think about it’ – subconsciously. Sure, it’s grown to become a habit, but your mind still has to remember how it’s done.
That goes for just everything.
Did you have shower this morning? You HAD to move out of your conscious mind into your subconscious mind’s memory bank to remember that.
That’s called self-hypnosis. Got it?

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