Beam Me Up Scotty


Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water……..
This is how the “Beam me up Scotty” scenario of the Star Ship Enterprise works:
People who are old enough to remember when that TV show was on, may have wondered how on earth did the wall open up so that a doorway would be there to walk through.
That was all “Science Fiction” in those days.
Now it’s normal that there’s a photo beam interupted by a person and that broken beam turns the power on to an electric motor that turns a cog wheel that pulls the cord that slides the door open. Easy as.

Not much more involved by today’s science, is the inter-galactic transfer of a selected group of atoms:

Simply (!) focus on the atomic structure of the Captain’s body with the latest model of today’s smart phone or Android Tablet, create a URL pattern of that atomic structure, transfer it to and/or through the latest equivalent of Service Cloud, Rackspace, IBM Cloud, Live Stream or whatever else you’ll have going.
Then using the good old fashioned stand-by (copy’n’paste) from the early years of this century (2018), to the identified place in whatever universe (Google Earth, Google Universe) and re-assemble the URL back into the original (saved) structure, and print the whole thing out with a virtual 3D printer. Easy as.

For saftey’s sake, you would hardly need to send out the original.

It could be suggested that THAT technology is not so far away from current (2018) technology as the original “brick” mobile/cell phone is from today’s latest smart phone/ Android and wi-fi and bluetooth.

But then again, it’s not that far away –  a few thousand years or so – that Homo Sapiens will have evolved its atomic structure to being of energy only.
So that it will not need to be “beamed up” anywhere, thank you.
It will just go there. Maybe after morning tea – be reasonable,  but just go there

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