The Two Minds

Every human, regardless of gender or racial background, is born with one brain and one mind.  That would seem to be two items.
However, both ‘items’ are divided into two sections.
But not actually in a physical sense…
The brain is a physical thing in that the top of skull can be removed to expose most of the brain, or just a flap can be opened up to expose a part of the brain that may need surgery. These operations would be normal to a brain surgeon, and have been performed for ages.
It’s been suggested that the brain, being a physical thing, is concerned mostly with causing the operation of the body parts, including the creation and movement of liquids, juices and lubrications required by the various body parts.
While it’s one object, and looks like one, the brain definitely has a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere and each have their own missions and even take turns to handle, shall we say, the daily stress chores 🙂 The two sides take turns about every 90 minutes.

More modern bio-scientists have been considering that, although centred in the brain, the mind involves itself in the whole human body at the cellular level as well as in the brain. (view Matters of the Mind).

The brain is also regarded as the home of the mind. Further information on the missions and activities of both sides  of the singular brain are explained in depth in so many other easily available books.
The mind is also of two parts. There’s the conscious mind, then there’s the well, some call it the SUBconscious mind, others call it the UNconscious mind. Both are right.
It depends on what books were read, whose courses were followed in the early stages of the learning (which is where you may be right now). I call it the subconscious mind, but don’t be concerned if you notice other people writing about the UNconscious mind. Same thing, different name.

It’s beyond repute that the workings of every mind are the engine room, the very workshop, of humanity .
Civilisation exists only in the collective human mind. There is nowhere else.

There can be only agreement with Shakespeare that:
“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

Absolutely everything the mind recieves through its inputs ( the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and intuition) is placed in the memory bank, which is in the subconscious mind.
Absolutely everything the computer recieves through its inputs (the keyboard and usb etc:), is placed in its memory bank.

The human memory bank is in the subconscious mind
The computer’s memorybank is in the computer’s hardrive.

Access to the human memorybank is available ONLY through
the conscious mind.

Access to the computer memory bank is available ONLY through
the keyboard and usb etc:

The subconscious mind and the computer hardrive contain the relevant memory banks.

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