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The very word hypnosis is of two parts. The hypno part is a Greek word meaning sleep. In this context though, the sleep is more of a trance state rather than a normal sleep, and the trance applies only to the conscious part of the whole mind.
This trance state is exactly the same mind state that is used in all versions of Yoga and other styles of meditation.

The point of by-passing the conscious part of the mind, by lulling it into a trance by one of the various known methods, is so that the filter or gateway aspect of the conscious mind, is taken out of the equation, so that a professional hypnotherapist, (or you as your own hypnotist), can gain direct contact with the subconscious part of your mind and alter the beliefs or habits, or do whatever else you had planned. Power napping is one use for which you’ll need direct contact with the subconscious part of your mind.
But power napping is self-hypnosis, but BEFORE the actual hypnosis, you
decide how long you’re going to be in the trance. There’s a power there.
Read my article about “Power Napping”
Another is pain control, then there’s  memory recall and many more…..

So how to actually DO it?
Firstly, Accept, no not just ‘believe’ but ACCEPT the reality that there are really two parts to your mind. Maybe visualise a huge iceberg. The visual part above the water is the conscious part, the part that’s you talking and talking back to you. The largest part of the iceberg is under the water. That’s the subconscious part of your whole mind. It seems to not so much talk to you, but THINK to you. It will show you ideas, concepts  and oh, those ahha thoughts about how to solve that problem you said you’d “sleep on.”
You said that “you’d give it some thought”and similar sayings.

But do really ‘get it’. Your subconscious mind is just stunningly clever.
But I consider that it’s more than that. I suggest in the other articles, that the subconscious mind is in connection with the universe and somehow gets these ideas  and “other stuff” ! and presents them to the conscious part of the human mind as a aha moment. As I’ve mentioned,  E = mc2  came to the conscious mind of Einstein after how many hours of mental battling with those high maths. But the battling “thinking” was done by the SUBconscious  part of his mind. I also mention that he didn’t ‘discover’ that equation.
E  ALWAYS equaled mc2.   It had to, or creation ? would not have been created !
Einstein simply (well, not simply!) discovered that E =MC2.  IT ALWAYS DID !
Anyway, that’s what we’ve got. One iceberg, two parts. One mind, two parts.

There’s been for a few decades, various standard methods of lulling – call it what you will -the conscious part of the mind into a trance and then deepening that trance and so enabling the hypnotist (or you), to access the subconscious part of the mind to do whatever needs doing.
Other short cuts have been found to attain instant access to the subconscious mind without the sometimes long procedure of calming relaxation words.

For instance, it’s been known for years that ALL the memories of a human’s life are in the subconscious part of the mind EXACTLY like all the files and memories of a computer are in its hardrive,  and asking something simple such as “what did you have for breakfast this morning” will take the hypnotisee directly into the memory bank which is known to be in the subconscious. To answer ANY question, you HAVE to move into your subconscious mind, because that’s the only place the answers (memories) are – and the conscious mind has been bypassed every time and therefore ‘hypnotised’. The hypnotisee (you) by-passed your conscious mind ie, put it
into a kind of trance so that you could access your subconscious mind.
So that you were the hypnotist and the hypnotisee. That’s self-hypnosis.
But be aware that during everyday conversation, a human can’t keep going into an eyes-closed trance scenario, so  ‘chatting’ about today’s subjects are not from deeply engrained memories. If one needs to discuss ‘at length’ more meaningful subjects, then one needs to “think about that one”

All this happens so fast. Thoughts are electrons. Read more about this in
the article “Matters of the mind”
But that ‘simple’ method is for later on. We’re talking here about SELF hypnosis.
For a start, do this :
Find somewhere that you will not be disturbed for maybe 30 minutes.         Yes, that means by your lovely family or flatmates or that mobile/cell phone.
Look up at the ceiling and find a spot. Maybe a light fitting. Whatever.

Focus on it a bit and at the same time, imagine that you’re soon going to close your eyes, and keep looking at the mark until you’ll  just close your eyes.
Once your eyes are closed, you’re in a different world. You’re on your own.
Especially when you’re AWARE of what you’re doing.

Simply start thinking – imagining – what it would be like to relax.
You’ll probably find yourself just doing it. Imagine your arms getting a bit heavier, just flopping down onto your lap. Try imagining moving around inside your skin, maybe inside your legs…no, not in between them, but inside them. That’s where you’re wandering around…inside your skin and you can gradually get used to wandering around inside there and relaxing the various body parts. A bit like starting to go to sleep at night except that you’ll be aware of what you’re doing – and you won’t actually be going to sleep, but just relaxing off, kind of awake but so relaxed….. Maybe wander up to where you imagine your subconscious mind could be- and when in this trance, you’ll still be ‘not asleep’ ! still be able to hear things around you.
If you have a problem with smoking, imagine -picture it…being a non-smoker. Get a video going in your mind-just IMAGINE this, about someone offering you a ciggy and you say no because you’re a non-smoker. You’ll need to do this several times (over several days) because you’re in your subconscious
mind changing that belief in there and you’ll start to ‘see’ your self as a non smoker.
Maybe you’ve got something else you’d like to start – or stop – doing.

Imagine the scenario in your mind. This is all self-hypnosis.
After a few times of doing this – using self-hypnosis – you’ll be able to do it almost anywhere, and just for a minute or so if you want to.
Maybe sitting in a bus or train .
I relaxed off for a few moments in a Laundromat, waiting for the machine to finish. I did it in a Doctor’s waiting room. As soon as the doctor called my name, I snapped out of it, opened my eyes and felt just that bit refreshed by having had those few moments of total relax. If you have a program that you’re going into self-hypnosis for, eg: you decide to reinforce or maybe alter a habit – then I would wait until I was at home and not going to be disturbed by anything. But for a simple open ended quick relax, (a light short power nap for instance), then close your eyes, relax and away you go, ready to return in a split second like I do when the doctor or someone calls my name. No worries.
Remember that a power nap is self-hypnosis applied when you have a definite time that you need to wake.

What actually happens, what the actual method of you ‘contacting’ your own subconscious mind is, is that you ‘think’ the question or suggestion to your subconscious mind. It could seem that you ‘imagine’ the question or thought towards what you imagine to be to your subconscious mind. You might feel a bit silly the first few times…but don’t worry. Nobody can hear you  🙂

When you’ve had enough, simply think to yourself, that you’ll count to three, all the time feeling great and nice and relaxed, and that when you’ve reached three, your eyes will open up and you’ll feel fabulous. That’s what will happen.
It may well take a couple of times to get used to what you’ve been doing all the time

Other times:
You kind of imagine a conversation with your subconscious mind when you’re trying to remember something. You KNOW the memory is there.        You think to yourself “it’s on the tip of my tongue” or you say to yourself       “I’ll think of it in a minute” As you know, it does sometimes take a short while for you to recall the memory. (from the memory bank in your subconscious mind) but all of a sudden, the word or phrase will almost be thrown into your conscious mind !. Later on in life (unless you’re already there !) you’ll ‘know’ basically the type of thing you were trying to remember, but you can’t recall that exact word or knowledge. That’s known as dementia. woops.

If you wander around this “Howthemindworks” site, you’ll find other articles about self-hypnosis. There’s even a free five-day course on self-hypnosis. Read them to see the different attitudes and approaches on the same subject and choose the one that presses the most buttons for you.
Or pick out the most suitable parts and make up your own compilation.
Remember, every time you ‘come to’ and realise you’ve been ‘wandering off’ — that’s self hypnosis. There’s no such thing as “can’t be hypnotised”

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