Then There’s The Soul

Then There’s The Soul.

Firstly, any knowledge of a soul has to be made known to a human through the usual inputs. No ifs or buts.
Babies do not know about the soul on the day they’re born.
We are told about the soul by other humans.
We are told by words. We can read about it, or watch movies/documentaries about it.
So many humans have had experiences, happenings, that could be prescribed only to the unnatural.
So many ghosts have been seen, noises been heard, events occuring that can’t be explained in the normal world.
Google the word ‘soul’ and many concepts are forwarded.
Nobody really knows. Until Death gets it done.

These are all concepts and beliefs in other peoples’ minds and we already know that the human mind can be influenced in many ways.
We know for sure, that not all beliefs can be ..UM… believed.
The soul is not connected at all in the mind or brain.
It can’t be felt or even sensed in the body.
What we can do is consider the situation from a factual point of view, and even then …

For anything to exist in the universe(s), it has to be either of matter or of energy. The soul has to be an either/or.
It’s surely sensible that if something – in this case, the soul – exists in matter or even just as energy, the atoms have to take up space, and every soul HAS to reside within the skin of its owner. But a soul has not so far ever been identified has having any particular space in the body.

Has anybody, of any medical profession or any of the many religions down through the ages, made the definate statement that “the heart is here, the lungs are here, and in this space in the back here, is where the soul is.”

Not in any, not in even one of the ancient writings or any of the thousands of religions, has the soul been assigned a place in the human body.
Maybe someone would say “oh it’s all through the body” . It may or may not  exist, but if it DOES exist, the soul has to be if not of matter, then at least of energy, and it has to take up SOME space, even in the atomic world, and is it the same size/shape of its owner’s body. Lots of questions. Even during an out-of-body experience, floating up to the ceiling or whatever, it still has to consist of some kind of atomic structure – just to be SEEN.
When Homo Sapiens has evolved to the point of existing as pure energy and that human mind-energy expands across the many universes, WITHOUT ITS BODY, what of the soul then..           Sorry about that god.

It goes further…If we assume that Jesus truly existed, it goes that his body had to consist of  50 Trillion cells that were made up of atoms and when he died, the atoms still existed, even though the cells were dead or dying, and it’s in the Bible that he rose to the heavens, but the atoms of his 50 Trillion cells all had to rise (against the pull of gravity) and pass through the atmosphere of H2O. This is written with absolute respect towards the faiths and this is entirely relevant to the scientific question of what is the atomic structure of the human soul – especially when Homo Sapiens evolves to become an inter-galactic existance of pure energy.

When Homo Sapiens first evolved, at what stage of that evolution, did He evolve from being an ‘animal’ to being a human, and presumably warrant a soul. Where was the line in the sand.
Was it when the conscious mind evolved – and how far did the conscious mind have to evolve until it KNEW it had/was a conscious mind and that it was AWARE that it was AWARE.
This could be an important thought, because creation is not AWARE.
It’s almost enough to make you think – I hope.

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