Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication

Casual chat, casual communication. Everyday stuff.
“Weather not bad. Bit warm, but no rain. Just great”.
This is normal conversation amongst the 7 billion plus humans around the planet. Easy as.
But just a minute. What’s really going on. What’s really happening ?

The above message is simple chat. Some messages involve deadly cries for assistance.
All verbal messages are conveyed the same way from one human to another.
This is not about the content, but the conveyance system. Let’s focus….

We have a message, a thought in the subconscious mind of the ‘sender’,
and it needs to sent somehow ‘across’ to the mind of the ‘reciever’.
It’s been discussed in other articles (blogs), that a human thought consists of electrons and that these electrons consist of atoms that are part matter and part energy.

If the message is going to be conveyed via esp, the system would probably have to involve the energy part of the electron atom being sent through the universe that’s in between the sender and reciever, which may be only a couple or a few feet. Also to keep in mind is that the ‘universe’ between the two people consists of the atmosphere in the room, the atmosphere being of H2O, the normal breathable stuff that humans survive in. But it’s still the universe. The humans are still the universe. Nothing more than a collection of atoms that also consist of quarks and protons and……but let’s not digress.

Homo Sapiens have not yet evolved to where we can ‘send’ electrons (thoughts) to another mind. (known as Telepathy).
We’ll have to make do with verbal communication for a while.
At least until the end of the year.  I didn’t mention which year.

So we have to blow wind across our vocal chords, and they have to be vibrated at certain frequencies and tones according to whatever word (sound) that we need for that part of the message.
The wind that we blow across the chords has to be at a level of force depending on whether we are shouting or whispering, and we need to activate (or stretch) the particular vocal chord that’s able to vibrate at the frequency (treble or bass) that the message needs. Especially if we’re singing.

All the above would seem to need an hour or more to get organised.
It actually takes a nano second. Maybe not even that. Especially for the amateurs, the untrained (same thing). Most people just start talking.

But the electrons that are the thought, have to get into the brain (which is NOT the same as the mind), and cause the brain to change the thought (electron atoms) into the wind – the breath – that is also made of atoms and get the lungs to blow that breath across the vocal chords, and they are some of the 50 trillion cells that a human is made of, and the cells are of course made of atoms. So the chords are now vibrating the breath which is the atmosphere, which is also made of atoms (probably H2O), and these vibrated atoms (of the breath), are now passing by the tongue and then finally the lips.

So far, no sound has come out of the sender’s face.
The atoms of the thought electrons have passed through the brain, have somehow become the atoms of the H2O which are being vibrated by the vocal chords, and this edited by the tongue and the lips to create the required vowel sound – for the reciever’s mind to pattern match !
It’s then being forced out of the mouth and across the space to the reciever through the atmosphere that is also H2O.

But think about this part: The H2O is being blown by the lungs over the vocal chords and then up through and out the mouth, and it’s vibrating according to the frequency (treble or bass) that you’ve chosen. If you’re singing and you have a tremolo on your presentation, those H2O atoms with the chosen frequency vibration plus the tremolo, are being blown through the static H2O atoms of the atmosphere between the sender (you) and the reciever, and still have to arrive at the outer eardrums of the reciever with the same tremolo and frequency that they left the sender’s lips.

While we’re in the same area: If the vibrating atoms are being forced through the static atmosphere H2O atoms, where are the static atoms going?
Maybe moved aside at speed, like a tornado passing through – and this is with only one human chatting. In an auditorium of 10 thousand humans all chatting at the same time, the mind boggles.

But wait. There’s more… The message has so far reached only the eardrum of the receiver.
From there, the H2O atoms are hitting the eardrums which on the inside of the eardrum, create an electronic signal, which means that the H2O atoms have had to expend their energy to move the eardrum in exactly the same way as a microphone being activated by a sound and move to create the electronic signal which then goes to a PA amplifier.
With the human eardrum, the inside signal – created by the eardrum, and changed into an electrical signal –  goes to the brain which sends it to the conscious mind, which of course has to pattern match it, and with the subconscious mind, work out what the message means.

Going back to the auditorium with 10 thousand humans all chatting at the same time, there would be quite a lot of electron movement going on.
Any outer-galactic alien race focussing their listening beams on Terra (planet Earth) would wonder what on earth (pardon the pun) was going on, with over 7 billion humans all talking at the same time.
That’s not counting the TV sets, the mobile/cell phones, radios, and tablets, all on a non-stop basis.

No wonder there’s not been so many reports of ‘messages from god’ for a couple of millenia.
He’s probably given up trying. I mean what do you think he is.
God or something……

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