After The Ball Is Over


You’ve been hanging around this planet and dimension for how long this time.
Time to back the bags, woops, only one bag allowed on the plane, so what have you got. If you’ve been around long enough, you would have seen skeletons and empty skulls, you know, documentaries of ancient Egyptian sites, the holocaust, Pol Pot and so on.

It’s obvious that “after the ball is over”, the flesh is only going to stay on the bones for a while, what, maybe fifty years?
But just a minute. It might be ok for the legs to go, just the shin bones and thigh bones left and then there’s the arms and well, if the internal organs, you know, the kidneys and liver and so on rot away, that would be the end of any stomach troubles.

But wait a minute, the grim reaper’s into the head too, and there’s the cheeks and the tongue gone, and oh dear. The brain…

Hey hold on… where’s all the other stuff gone?
Look, you’ve been put in the coffin, or maybe you thought you had too many problems with that body, so burn it and there’s only ashes left just like the religions said.
But the brain is only flesh too. So that’s gone. But what about the mind. Oh.
That’s where all your memories are…or were.

It’s kind of like your computer’s crashed, the hard drive’s been wiped and all the files and programs and receipts and addresses, everything. Just gone.

It’s been mentioned before, here and other places. The human brain is exactly like the computer hard drive. It can be wiped. Easily. All you need is, Dementia, Alzimae, a couple of others and of course, death.
But worse than that. The brain’s only cells, made up of atoms and just like the rest of the body cells and atoms, they’ve moved away. They call it rotting, but it’s more like the atoms just move elsewhere in the universe apart from your body. But then there’s nowhere for the mind to go.

Frankly, the mind hasn’t got too much physical substance.
Just a bit of electricity with nowhere to go except around in your head, and when the brain’s gone to other parts of the universe along with the rest of your flesh, where’s the mind going to hang out. The atoms of the electrons that were your mind, are just going to have to break up the old gang with all those memories of the good times and the bad times and, there you are.
All gone.

But it can’t just … GO!
Like, where’s it GONE?
ok, back to the Quantums…

We’ve accepted (for now) that there’s 50 Trillion cells in the body, and each cell consists of the atoms which are made up of quarks and protons, but what we’re interested in is the matter and the energy. Especially the energy.

At this stage of our evolution, we assume that everything IS the universe, and the brain is just a bunch of these cells and god’s mum, (Mother Nature), found the brain a handy place to get a mind going, like, connect a hard drive memory bank in there, same as in a computer.
But after death, the brain-flesh rots away. Let’s be nice. The atoms that had configured themselves into being a brain, decided that the essence of life wasn’t around anymore, so time to go walk-about,
just like the Australian Aborigines do.
They don’t need a reason, don’t give a darn. Time to go babe.
The Australian Aborigines never needed a god.
They had dreamtime, and still do.

So all that’s left is a spirit, a soul, they say. But consisting of what?

There’s been countless billions of humans  come and gone, and more than seven billion still on the planet. But there didn’t used to be any souls, and they all had to start somewhere, they all have to consist of something, atoms, pure energy. Something.

Not likely that the same atoms of the same electrons are ever going to re-form back into the memory-bank, into the minds, into the personality that made up Harry Williams or Maude Smith. So nobody can possibly ‘come back’ . Can they?

Of course you could figure that every soul has a brain and a mind with all the memories of the original human. TRILLIONS of human beings over the centuries.
That would mean another whole bunch of trillions of cells and electrons – and all of these atoms able to pass through the the atoms of the Terran atmosphere. and on and on and on…

It’s enough to make you think – I hope.

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